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You know what? The fact that your dogs are having this much fun around you... to the extent of claiming your bed... shows that they are so happy to always be spend time with you. Haha. It's like when kids want to be around their Mum. The Mum may want to be alone, but the kids won't have that. Haha.

These dogs also have nice fur. I'm not sure if I'm a dog person. Hehe. Never had one, but I enjoyed reading about the type of rapport you have with yours.

I found this post while screening in our beloved Port. The last two images seems to be taken from sites which do not offer free images.

You can get free images from Canva, pexels, unsplash, pixabay or Wikimedia commons.

Feel free to fit in images from such places so your post can get approved in screening. If it's too hard to do that on this post, you can have it in mind for your next submission.


Canva, excel, pixabay and the other open source photo services rarely offer me any laboratory equipment specific photo so it's probably never going to be applicable on what I write unless they include that in their photos. It's why I choose to show the image source link instead so that I'm still crediting its source. I appreciate the tip and for stopping by

Yeah. Even when images are taken from free sites, adding the URL is important.

For laboratory materials, you can try Wikimedia commons. Pexels, pixabay and unsplash can also give you those, but I'm not too sure about it.

In some cases, it may warrant designing your own image in places like Canva. That may not exactly be as descriptive as an image taken from sites that claims copyright, but it's safer and keeps your blog free from copyright infringement since we all earn from what we post on Hive content.

I appreciate the tip and for stopping by

Nice. Hope to see more of your submission on the port.