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You like science, technology, engineering and mathematics, philosophy, astronomy, social sciences, some of these topics, today I am going to recommend the best platform for you to express your knowledge, or if you like to read about this topic, the tribe or blog where you will find these is Stemgeeks. here you can feel free to talk about technology, a device, a computer fix, an interesting gaget, or discuss this with the users you will find on this platform.

Today it is a small community with loyal users who write about these types of topics. A year ago, Leofinance (Steemleo) started this way with a small group of users that created content, but today it is one of the platforms that has new users every day, constantly growing.

Market at 11/18/2020

We are on a very good path these days. We are with new investors who are believing in this platform, which I assure you is the second to take off, We had an increase of 34%, this is a good number taking the value of the coin in the following specifications:

Value: $ 0.02999
Buy: 0.30 Hive
Sell: 0.25 Hive.

Screenshot from the Hive Engine platform


He is currently studying to change his healing to Linear, apart from having new projects. There is no roadmap. But you hear very good rumors about this platform.

Interesting related topics:

Buying and staking Stem Author: @belemo

STEMGeeks: The Next Tribe With Huge Potential Author @taskmaster4450

So don't wait to join this platform.

  • Blogging.
  • Healing.
  • Commenting
  • Investing

Wants to get free money, acquires STEM Miners

You can get some from Hive Engine.

Buy value of 20 HIVE
Sell Value 10 HIVE

Screenshot from the Hive Engine platform

You want to promote your post, do not hesitate to do so, in STEM at @null

They just have to send your STEM tokens to null with a STEM post on the note. Doing so reduces the supply of STEM tokens by increasing the potential value of the token. (So let's help this coin rise, be the second to take off as Leo.

This is a personal opinion. I am not a financial advisor, this is not financial advice. Do your own research before making investment decisions.

Source is a project that is made up of a large community of users, where you can find many information of interest. It is located on a blockchain-based network, where you can come to create topical content about: Crypto & Finance. It has a Leo cryptocurrency that you can trade on its own Leodex market.

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 4 months ago 

You like science, technology, engineering and mathematics, philosophy, ASTROLOGY, social sciences,

I think the word you were looking for is astronomy.

If not, just letting people know that astrology is not what I would consider as a STEM topic.