Balaram Battalion destroys Dvivida’s guerillas ch2/2 - Action fantasy tale

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In the days that followed, Dvivida’s attack on the villages most distant from the capital were cynical and opportunistic. He knew that he didn’t stand a chance against Vasudeva directly, so he made small sporadic attacks under cover of dark. He would set the village alight and destroy infrastructure with impunity in an attempt to get revenge on Vasudeva, who had terminated his brother for piracy in it’s different forms.

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It was while pillaging and taking slaves captive that he came to a mountain range that was the private estate of Vasudeva’s brother and captain of the army, General Balaram. The place was not known to be the general’s retreat station, but Dvivida picked up signals via his Metaphysicians that told him there was a transmission coming from higher up the mountain slopes. And it was a sure signal of some high ranking official. Dvivida, puffed up with pride and arrogance, decided to run a sortie with his guerilla forces up to the mountain hideout with the aim of potentially assassinating whomever was the source of the transmission. The Metaphysicians were the elite troops that dealt with the more subtle sciences of warfare, beyond mere psy-ops or kinetic fire power. They picked up the mental frequencies delivered by thought power alone that were being transmitted through the ether. These were for the sake of fine tuning the electro-magnetic frequency fields around the earth. The Meta’s were the top troops in an army, like the crack troops used for special operations.

Dvivida led his guerilla team of mercenaries up the slopes of the mountain, headed by his team of Metas, who followed the trajectory of the frequency that they were picking up. Slowly but surely it brought them to the private retreat hideout of Vasudeva’s brother General Balaram, who was engaged in deep exploration of his new batch of VRU-NI potions conjured up in the lab hidden inside his chateau. These VRU-NI potions were the latest in enhancement medicines that allowed the user to see beyond the realm of the five senses. By using this powerful alchemical potion, Balaram and his accompanying crew all activated their neural networks to the degree that they could more easily pick up the various frequencies in the ether, as well as transmit healing frequencies for the citizens of the kingdom. It was a fine art and a science to create the potions as well as to assimilate them in such a way that they worked at an optimum. The VRU-NI, which stood for Virtual Reality Ultra-Neural Interface, was the latest advancement blended by the lab technicians or alchemists in the general’s lab. It was this that attracted Dvivida and his guerilla troops to the mountain lair, and brought him right up to the chateau walls.

Balaram, being the elder brother of Prince Vasudeva, was not too concerned when he percieved Dvivida approaching with his guerilla task force. In fact the general was in a highly enhanced state of consciousness, along with his crew. They could perceive the broader strata of frequencies not normally audible to the human mind, thanks to the new VRU-NI supplements from his lab. Dvivida didn’t know that it was the general chief of staff for Vasudeva’s entire military force stationed there, since it was a private chateau with the generals own lab secured within. Nevertheless the arrogant guerilla leader made a full frontal assault on the chateau by use of his kinetic weaponry which blew a hole in the front door.

Upon seeing General Balaram and his team absorbed in their altered state of meta consciousness, he began openly insulting him to his face. Balaram was not too perturbed by Dvivida, who was an obvious pretender and upstart. Upon seeing Balaram’s indifference, and taking insult from the fact that his arrival had no deliterious impression on the general, the deluded mercenary began an outright attack using all the fire power available to him. He used his Oak missiles, which were immediately deflected. He then tried the Stone short range launcher but to no avail. Balaram simply deflected the lot, while remaining absorbed in his heightened Metaphysical state. At this point Dvivida’s arrogance overwhelmed his intelligence altogether. This is what happens when one is controled by anger, greed or lust. It leads to loss of intelligence and total irrationality.

Dvivida, now swimming in his pool of red etheric auric field, made a direct charge at Balaram and struck him severely on the chest. Although Balaram’s outer garments became shredded by the attack, no other harm occurred, for the Genreal was fully armored as is befitting the head of Prince Vasudeva’s armed forces. However, Balaram was now fed up and angered by the stupidity of the guerilla leader, and so he decided to finish this little charade. Not only that, but Dvivida had spilled the VRU-NI potion that Balaram kept in his hermetically sealed capsules in the lab. The commotion from Dvivida had caused some aftershocks which tilted the lab’s holding zone and the medicine leaked out onto the floor. This was the last straw and Balaram, his face clearly reddened by anger, stepped forward and with one blow, smashed his fist down on the collarbone of the impudent guerilla leader. In an instant this snapped the collarbone and the now stunned Dvivida spat out blood from his mouth. The smash was so bad that he simply fell to the ground defeated and within moments he was dead. His troops immediately scattered in all directions as they made their retreat from the mountain chateau.

It was a formidable affair for not only did Balaram neutralize this bothersome little upstart pirate bandit, but he also put an end to all his attacks upon the innocent citizens in the outlying villages of the kingdom. Upon seeing the retreat of the slave-trading pirate forces, the village people were overjoyed and heaped praise upon their protector and champion, General Balaram. They praised him for ending the dark cloud of banditry and for ushering a new era of auspiciousness for the entire kingdom. The slaves were freed from their underground bunker prisons and the human trafficking and organ harvesting came to an end, thanks to Balaram’s nonchalant efforts, which in themselves were enough to completely turn the tide of darkness that was threatening to overwhelm the kingdom.

Prince Vasudeva, upon hearing of the success of his brother and chief military general, smiled silently to himself. Events were playing out just as he had desired. Without making too much effort, Vasudeva had merely used his Metaphysical thought power to cause the desired results at a distance. Because Vasudeva and his brother Balaram were like two entangled particles, the one simply had to think it and the other could simultaneously carry it out. That is, after all, how quantum mechanics works. At that level, the laws of physics no longer apply. The normal distances of space do not interfere with the Meta forces, and anything becomes possible via Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance”.

The end
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