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Everything in existence – at least on this planet – is connected in one way or another. In the most basic or fundamental way, we are all alike. All life and even all natural phenomena is designed around a similar mold. To begin with, everything on the planet resonates to the same frequency, what scientists call the Schumann Resonance.

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For example our brain has waves or frequencies that can be measured and have been labelled as alpha, beta, delta or gamma. Besides that, however, we also have a heart frequency, and that is the one which resonates with the earth’s Shumann resonance, measured in hertz. So all life on earth resonates with the earth. There is no escaping this reality.

Secondly, all human life and perhaps all warm-blooded creatures, require hemoglobin in our blood to survive. Hemoglobin is comprised of small iron atoms. Our blood needs iron to function properly. Now curiously, according to science, iron is only present in the universe due to the collision of galaxies, or from supernova, which all takes billions of years to occur. Without these galactic explosions there would be no iron in the universe. Thus we are connected to and intimately dependent on gigantic cosmic events of chaos. Such is the inconceivable complexity of our existence.

Thirdly, we all need oxygen to survive as warm-blooded creatures. And plants give off all that oxygen, simultaneously taking our by-product of carbon dioxide as their own source of sustenance. In this way we are certainly connected to and interdependent on plant life. In these basic and obvious ways all life is interconnected and all life is in a harmonious resonance with the earth planet that sustains us all.

Certainly life on earth would not be the same without the harmonious ecosystem and atmosphere, all of which is a natural phenomena of billions of years of chemistry in the gigantic cosmos. These self evident truths appear insignificant, and perhaps they are. But they are also symptoms of an interconnected world. There is more that unites us as life on earth, than that which divides us. We are all interconnected in the harmonious dance, rhythm and expression of nature.

Therefore it makes sense for us to cultivate this connection, to work within this harmonic frequency and to see the unity within the diversity. With this as self evident, it seems peculiar to notice how divided we actually are, among ourselves as humans and also among the diverse species of life. Of course, one living entity is food for another, as the ancient aphorism goes, and life is in this way somewhat paradoxical, since it actually thrives on death. Nevertheless, in a greater sense, particularly in the human form of life, we can see and now even calculate the interconnectedness of all beings.

With this vision, it makes sense to want to evolve towards unity and harmony, if perhaps we have become divided or separated from the rest of life on earth, in one way or another. We are all children of the earth. We all resonate to the frequency of the earth. We are all alive because of the nurturing and sustenance provided by the earth, sun and cosmos. There is no real separation, only perceived separation. Ultimately we are all part and parcel of the unified whole, which is life on earth and earth in the cosmos.

This is all common sense and in recent years also backed up with scientific research and measurement. There is no leap of faith required to understand this. We are not labelling anything as metaphysical, but in fact very physical in this conclusion. The very frequency of the earth, is the frequency to which we all vibrate. We all dance to the same tune. We all resonate like tuning forks to the same pulse of the earth. And this extends to the actual heart level of all humans. This has been measured in the laboratory by the HeartMath Institute, for example, if you wish to research further.

Therefore the conclusion is that, during times of perceived division or separation from each other, we simply need to readjust our perception, remember our common unity on the one planet earth, under the one sun, and vibe together. We are all entrained to the galactic and solar winds, the electro-magnetic pulses that hit our atmosphere, which then vibrates accordingly. So remember that sympathetic resonance, if and when you feel a division of “us and them”, whether among different species or even among different human beings.

There is no us and them, only one family of humanity under the influence of the earth and cosmos. Of course even siblings fight for dominance or resources – if they need to survive. But we can all thrive with plenty of resources to go around, if we could simply see that abundance and work together in harmony. There is no scarcity, only myopia, greed (based on a perception of scarcity) or lack of organization. That’s all. So get into the groove and vibe with the earth and its inhabitants. There is, after all, no other choice, now that you’re here.

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Thank you @curie you are very kind, I am honored by your choice.

Ohhh, what a wonderful writing @julescape; I agree with you on absolutely everything. We are children of Father God and Mother Earth. Mother Earth is a living being that sustains us, shelters us, sustains us. The connection with it and with the rest of creation is intimate, and yes, Quantum Physics and the most recent scientific discoveries are increasingly evidence of this connection. For this reason, we must be aware, compassionate, loving and respectful of our environment, because by attacking any creature or any space on the planet, we are damaging ourselves. More love, more awareness, more union. I loved reading you. A big hug for you. Greetings and blessings.

Ohhh, que escrito tan maravilloso @julescape; coincido contigo en absolutamente todo. Somos hijos de Padre Dios y Madre Tierra. Madre Tierra es un ser vivo, que nos sostiene, nos alberga, nos sustenta. La conexión con ella y con el resto de la creación es íntima, y sí, la Física Cuántica y los descubrimientos científicos más recientes evidencian cada vez más dicha conexión. Por tal motivo, debemos ser conscientes, compasivos, amorosos y respetuoso con nuestro entorno, pues al agredir a cualquier criatura o a cualquier espacio del planeta, nos estamos dañando a nosotros mismos. Más amor, más conciencia, más unión. Me encantó leerte. Un abrazo muy grande para tí. Saludos y bendiciones.

Ola thank you for your kind words and blessings. I truly appreciate it and I am so happy that we are kindred spirits, with the same view of the world, meeting here on Hive.

With total security @julescape, I am also super happy to get people who are on my same frequency.