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RE: The effect of COVID 19 and futures trading on the price of BTC before and after halving

in Project HOPE4 years ago

Greetings friend @bizbuzz.

Bitcoin was born to challenge traditional concepts of bankarization and encourage financial democratization. That was his initial concept and he has largely remained faithful to his principles.

With a few exceptions in its alleged shielding against tampering and collusion, as "BTC Whales" can create an effect on the market as we know. Just by proposing it and making massive movements, all that balance can be shaken.

In general, BTC has proven to be resistant to all the policies that have corrupted the stock markets since its inception.
For this reason I thought that during this pandemic, BTC would be the refuge for the capital of many investors and therefore would strengthen.
I was very surprised, like everyone else, the abrupt drop it had from Monday March 9 to 12 when it fell below 5K usd, clearly related to the spread of the virus.

So it doesn't look as tough as in previous years.