Man's Endless Quest In Search Of Knowledge For Better Living; Impact On Evolution?

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Speed is something that comes with the human evolution, people have become faster with time, grown in so many aspects including physicality, the mind, snd it seems they way people now react to problems and challenges nowadays are quite different from how it used to seem in the past.

Simple , evolution is a process that's allowed us imagine endless possibilities to the reality of humanity, the universe and our extended societies.

Nowadays people go ahead to be audacious, they suggest things like alien lives in moves, they suggest human superiority, even things like the possibilities of immortality which cannot be proven if it would be a thing in the future.

But why do people imagine it? It's because people are synched to the evolution and how fast paced it is.

Nevertheless as much we evolves, our universe evolves too, life becomes even more enigmatic in our quest to unravel every mystery that surrounds our universe. Why do we do this?

This is because people want to be comfortable, people want to be richer people are seeking for knowledge that would make the world conquered under their feet.
In this video I talk about man's endless search for wisdom to better his life and how limitless the knowledge of the universe can be.

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