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RE: Is Xiaomi Mi Band 6 better than Mi Band 5 ?

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I loved reading this, I too have been wanting to buy a smartwatch. I bought a imitation one, it's not bad, but it never compares to a xiaomi or samsung one. Having a smartwatch like this, makes things much easier when going out to exercise and can also be a motivation to leave a sedentary life. From the mi band 6, I love that it has an oxygen meter and that the screen is bigger. By the way, the band in black is better hahaha.


If I may know, which brand is it? I would suggest getting Mi Band because they are way more affordable than Samsung ones. Though if you are willing to spend above 200$, Samsung is definitely going to be my choice and something I'd recommend. I saw them at display today as well and tested it from the store display, those were great but can't afford them yet haha. Also yea, the screen is the plus point from this version and I read there's NFC version of this too.

I would also love to buy a samsung band, but I have to use the money on other things hehe. I have heard that the huawei ones are also very good, but they are expensive too. The one I bought is a HW22, it has no brand name. It is an imitation of the apple watch.

I was checking out your post @josecarrerag and the design looks alright. I hope you can buy one of samsung bands soon 😊