The space rescue plan.

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The space rescue plan.

On December 14, a Soyuz MS-22 spacecraft that had been docked at the international space station since September 21 suffered a leak in its cooling system. In the end, experts determined that the leak was due to a meteoroid.

Meteoroids are small fragments of space rock, even a tiny one the size of a grain of sand can have the power of a rifle bullet, due to its high velocity.

The experts also analyzed the possibility that the incident had been caused by a piece of space debris, but they found that option very unlikely, unfortunately we will never really know what the origin of the leak was, because the impact is in the module of service, which is the part that will disintegrate in the atmosphere during reentry.

The point is that the failure affected the return to earth ship of the Russian Cosmo Sergey Prokopyev and Dmitri Peteliny and also NASA astronaut Francisco Rubio, they were expected to return to earth on March 28.

The first plan announced by the Roscosmos space agency was to send a Soyuz MS-23 spacecraft that would depart on February 20 in unmanned mode and return the damaged ship this time without a crew, but the latest news is that the plan has changed Francisco Rubio will return in a manned dragon ship from Space X and the Russian cosmonauts will return in the damaged spacecraft because apparently it would not affect the operation of the spacecraft, but rather its ability to regulate temperature and humidity.

If instead of three passengers the ship carries two, the requirements are reduced and if all goes well the cosmonauts will be able to return to Earth on a trip, albeit somewhat hotter and more humid than normal.

Something additional that you will have to do before your return is to disassemble Francisco Rubio's seat that is in the damaged Soyuz spacecraft and install the seat in the dragon spacecraft, because it turns out that the seats are made to measure for the bodies of astronauts or cosmonauts. .

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