Periodic explosions of a Nova.

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A rare Nova has exploded.


Astronomers report that a rare Nova has exploded, about 4500066 light years away from us is located within our own galaxy the Milky Way, its brightness is visible to the naked eye, is the equatorial constellation OPhiuchus.


The rarity of the Nova is that it is recurrent, that is, its explosion is repeated every 15 or 20 years, only 10 other similar stars are known in the Milky Way, although the star film is wrongly said because it is actually a system double, composed of a white dwarf, which is the compact remnant of a star reduced and flattened to the size of our planet and which is orbiting a red giant and while rotating the white dwarf is stealing material mainly hydrogen from the giant, but the White dwarf is not stable and when it accumulates a certain amount of material, an explosion is produced called a nova.


It could be the case that the white dwarf continues to accumulate more material exceeding the critical threshold called the chandrasekhar limit, which would cause a much more powerful explosion, it would be a supernova, this would put an end to the white dwarf and the red giant but for now the binary system appears to hold up with periodic blasts rather than one catastrophic final blast.


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