Bitcoin Is Just Getting Started With About 119 Years Till The Last Bitcoin Is Mined

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Some times it is good to pause and review how far we have come and what is ahead of us in whatever we are engaged with in life. Looking at the recent dips of Bitcoin and people's reaction to it makes me look at Bitcoin with a different perspective, a perspective I wouldn't say is completely different from what I have always thought of Bitcoin and why am a fan of it.

I'd like to emphasize am more of liking the tech kind of person, that is the kind of relationship I have with Bitcoin which has eventually led me to discovering Hive and other altcoins out there. So loving Bitcoin, loving the blockchain technology has been working for me personally and the basic love for the technology has exposed me to its financial opportunities.

Appreciating Bitcoin, getting to know its fundamentals, why was it invented, of what good is it to me amongst other benefits are what the crypto world lacks with just minority having long term relationship with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, one of the reasons when Elon Tweets either positive or negatively weak hands react.


The thought of about 18.7 million Bitcoin currently mined and 119 years left to reach maximum Bitcoin mined is huge to wrap my head around. Of course neither myself or whoever is reading this post will live for the next 119 years but the possibility of what lies ahead is unimaginably vast and of course Elon won't be around impacting the price with his tweets, which brings me to the thought why not stack up and HODL anyway.

We have been through Dips with Bitcoin and this might be a bigger dip but for those of us that with over two years in crypto we know it is just another phase of Bitcoin falling and to rise again and higher after building up momentum.

Our world twelve decades from now will be nothing compared to what it is now as growth is a constant element within humanity.
Bitcoin is going to be extremely scarce, considering lost keys to accounts, current BTC holders kicking the bucket and possible gone with the keys and other factors that will reduce Bitcoin's circulation.
So while most and especially noobs are panicking over BTC dips, the ones that see a different appreciation to it are HODLing.

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We owe it to ourselves to make Hive great

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