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Many of us must do monotonous jobs. We often discover that if we don't have any instructions, we forget to collect important information or complete important steps in a process. In a recent post I spoke to HOW TEMPLATES ENHANCE YOUR PRODUCTIVITY AND IMPROVE COMMUNICATION.

Yes, templates are great for ensuring you collect, send, present, and utilize the right information every time for recurring tasks.

But what about ensuring those recurring tasks actually get completed?

When just a few basic steps are necessary, it is possible to become sidetracked and forget one or more essential tasks and sub-task within a process. We tend to forget things, and recovering from this is typically more difficult than doing it correctly the first time.

A checklist is a simple tool that might help you avoid making these mistakes. A checklist is just a standardized list of the steps that to complete a recurring activity.

The following are seven advantages of utilizing a checklist:



Checklists can help us keep organized by ensuring that we don't skip any steps in a process. They're simple to use and efficient.

A to-do list helps you to handle your numerous activities quickly and efficiently. It's just a list that keeps track of all of your chores and to-do items in one location.

The to-do list is not only beneficial for execs; anybody may benefit from it. The to-do list helps you to plan tasks and ensure that nothing slips between the cracks.


You can accomplish repetitious activities more quickly and effectively and with fewer errors using a checklist. This checklist use frees up more time in your day and reduces the number of "fire drills." As a result, every day, you grow more productive and achieve more.



Checklists help you master repetitive chores to devote more mental capacity to creative pursuits. You not only have more time to be creative, but you also can think more clearly, because the checklist implies fewer fire drills and less stress.


Checklists encourage us to finish tasks and take action. Because checklists can help us be more effective when working within a process, it creates a win-win cycle in which we drive to do more because of the favorable outcomes.



Checklists offer us more confidence when assigning duties since they divide larger tasks into smaller individual tasks. We delegate more and become substantially more productive when we are more certain that chores will be completed appropriately.


Checklists help us to be more efficient when it comes to client service. We can attain greatness in the eyes of the client by assisting you in ensuring that you deliver outstanding customer service. In addition, excellence is a distinguishing factor that boosts brand recognition.


Saving Lives and Avoiding Disasters

Checklists can literally save lives. Pilots use pre-flight, take off, in-flight, landing, and post-flight checklists. These types of checklists ensure critical steps are not missed that will avoid crashes.

Hospital fatalities are also reduced by using checklists. For example, deaths decreased by 40% after surgical teams began using checklists. In addition, when doctors began using checklists when putting central lines into ill patients, similar effects were observed, as doctors were found to skip a step 25 percent of the time, which increased the chance of infections.


You won't forget stuff when you use checklists. So, if you're going to do something over and over again and need to get it right the first time, make a checklist.

With the checklists we will provide at ITSM Rhino, you will have access to checklists, templates, and other resources to choose from that fit almost every ITSM process and IT policy need. In addition, we will provide the consulting to go with it to help you implement and use them when you need them.


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Well writen my friend :)

Thanks. Appreciate it! Also, thanks for the reblog! I sent ya a little gift as a thank you.

The most important advantage of using checklists, in my opinion, is the fact that it ensures that every item on the menu is attended to. Like in the case of pilots, imagine the multiplier effects of missing one of the steps in the checklist.

Aside from that, drawing up a checklist kind of gamify activities. You get extra motivated as if you are trying to complete a rather difficult stage in an RPG.

I really like how you simplify all these processes to show how important they can be to organizations. Keep them coming.

You hit on one important topic in that they will ensure, if actually used and followed, important steps are not missed.

You also make a good point about gamification. They add a certain element of that to the work as well. Good point.

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