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I don’t mean to spook you…

But when was the last time you checked how many 3rd party vendors are connected to your systems?

I’m not talking about cursory glance through a spreadsheet…

But looking deep into how many vendors are actually connected to your systems today?

For most business owners, the answer is NEVER.

Not pointing fingers here...

Most business owners would prefer a tooth extraction over spending hours to figure out how many vendors are connected to their systems...

The thing is…

Unless you have clear, reliable records and up-to-date knowledge of your 3rd party vendors…

You might be leaving the door wide open to a supply-chain-related data breach without realizing it.

A recent study from BeyondTrust research showed that the average business has over 182 vendors that connect to its systems each week.

In other words, that’s 182 opportunities for someone to breach your data.

The same survey found that 58% of organizations believe they have incurred a vendor-related breach.

This data means you may have a hard time ensuring you’re fully protected from a supply-chain-related cyber-attack.

On the other hand…

When business owners have a firm grip on their security touchpoints, they are better prepared for cyberattacks…

And they prevent unnecessary profit loss and reputation damage associated with a business ending data breach.

Of course, keeping track of these vendors isn’t an easy task.

Hiring a team of in-house IT guys to do this for you regularly would make a hefty dent in your payroll.


When you partner with an ITSM and IT Policy Consultant, this is just one of the services they can assist you with.

You get the benefit of having a dedicated person on your side who will find the right tools and MSPs to proactively manage your IT systems without the burden on your payroll.

Keep your business safe and reduce your costs today.

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Interesting question, I would imagine that with all the cloud services companies use that it is really hard to control.

It depends on the company used, it might actually make things easier if the cloud company provides transparency.