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RE: Clothing: A Powerful Aspect of Our Identity

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Dress really does play a role in how we feel about ourselves. Over the years I've observed that on days when I put on something snappy, I feel snappy. If I put baggy clothes or sit around in sweats on a lazy day, it affects my mood, outlook and self-image quite profoundly. I fear someone will come to the door and find me in that sloppy state.

I've never been one to dress up or spend money on nice clothes, but at times when I have gone to lengths to put on something really nice, I've felt transformed by it. I was not at all surprised to read about the affect for men on their testosterone if they are dressed to impress!

Because of my collected empirical knowledge from over the years, when the pandemic hit and I began working from home, I decided to get up and shower and dress for work anyway. I've done this without fail. By the time I sit at my desk for work, I'm showered, I've got coffee and I feel ready to tackle the challenges of the day!

I think what people are forced to wear under various circumstances is very humbling and disempowering, as you shared. Hospital gowns are awful. Prison jumpsuits too. And of course the gray, tattered rags the inmates of prison camps had to wear in World War II were absolutely horrendous.

Great article, @agmoore. I found all of this absolutely fascinating!


Hi @jayna,
Thank you very much for reading my blog and for the kind words. I'm not surprised to hear that you followed a dress regimen during lockdown. You seem to be a disciplined person. It's a fortunate mix: discipline and creativity. You get a lot done😇.

Some of the findings here were sort of common sense and some were surprising (to me). The business with the lab coats was just amazing.

Hope you have the best weekend possible.