The start of a new...oh, What did I do..?

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It's the start of the weekend and as we move into the weekend I decided to turn my life upside down. Technically speaking


To start off, I received a notice from my domain registrar that my domain was up for renewal. It's been 10 years! Ten years. So, that's one item that came up. Just a note on that... a milestone to mention.

How am I turning my life upside down... technically speaking? Well, reformatting my system. It's probably been six or seven years since I built my system. Gulp. I backed everything up... I think. There's always that one app or directory that you forget. I'm sure I'll find that out.


So, here I go. It will be a weekend of ups, downs and frustration as I reconfigure to where I was.. it will never be the same. You just get so comfortable with how it's all setup. Like being able to walk through your house in the dark, knowing every little squeak and toe stubbing corner. That's how I feel with my system. It's home.


Warning: Geek joke follows

Let me know if you get it... I'll know you're a fellow geek. :-)

Resetting this PC 1%

I'm just writing because I'm nervous. It's not like I do most of my work on this PC. If I brick it, well... well, I better fucking not brick it! I hope it's actually doing something.

Getting ready... and ready...

Oh, boy going around the merry-go-round at this stage... nothing to do but wait... and wait... again I hope it's doing something. Before I got to this point I had rebooted about five times before I realized it was rebooting to the USB drive I was using. Novice move there. Reboot and pull the damn USB drive out and we progressed... dolt.


and wait...

Ok, the screen has gone dark, sounds like a restart... progress? Oh, damn... back to the circling dots.

Just a moment...

New color, blue screen and not the blue screen of death but back to the circling dots. Just on a cool blue screen now. Moving along, I suppose. The monotonous spinning dots... around... around...around... fuck-it, coffee time.

Pick a region...

Oh, hell yes. Where's Canada...scrolling, scrolling...frig, I better select United States or something will fuck up on the install when it wiggs out at my accent. It always does. I can change it later. Gawd damn. Ok, click - United States.

Play the Jeopardy song in the background..

It's now getting everything ready for me... after a few probing questions...this might take several minutes, duh. And... Shazam! We are there... a clean install.


Oh, that. Ya, that was something. Look it up on youtube. The pilot just landed on the highway. La-di-da. Keep to the right. LOL.

Ok, well that was an afternoon well spent... thanks for hanging with me. Now off I go to configure and reinstall. Hope to be back to 'normal' shortly.

Stay safe, stay healthy.



I felt the same way when I went to a ssd in my pc. I was pretty much worried for nothing but still a little nervous. Being that I know just enough to get me into trouble when it comes to that stuff. Glad to see you are getting things dialed in.