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My Reflection:

"Hey! Never start a new month without finishing it first in your mind. What are we going to do in November 2021?"


"Refine my NFT plans."

My Reflection:

"Don't forget 'Gall's Law'.


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[Gall's Law states that all successful complex systems evolved from simpler systems that worked well beforehand. If you want to build a complex system that actually works and your prospective complex system hasn't existed before, build a simpler system first, and then improve it over time. (paraphrased) "The Personal MBA" https://personalmba.com/galls-law/#:~:text=What%20Is%20']

So, what is a simple Web3 NFT model that has been successful this far?

And how can you exploit the "Composability" of the Web3 model to beef up your NFT's perceived value?"


"The top NFT collections and platforms are exploding and quickly becoming 'The Gold Standard' in the NFT space - especially the ones that are community driven, personally identifiable and forward thinking (aka growth and sustainability).

So, November 2021 is focused on activities that increase the exposure, recognition, personal identification with, accessibility, interoperability, forkability and promotion of crypto/legacy Entente Cordiale."

My Reflection:

"Roger that. Charge on, shall we?"


"Execute, execute, execute!"

In Lak'ech, JaiChai

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