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As usual, all my images were created on my cheap smartphone and free Android apps.

Here's me as "The Consul"...


The Consul was born on Maui-Covenant, approximately nine local years prior to the destruction of that planet's first orbital farcaster by his grandfather, the famed Mauian revolutionary Merin Aspic.

While Consul on Bressia, the Hegemony made plans to use Bressia as a test of Ouster military might.

His wife, Gresha, and son Alon were killed in the subsequent fighting.

Me as "Martin Salenas"...


Martin spent half his life living on the edge, not limited by money. He spent the other half learning about and memorizing poetry, and started to write his own poetry.

Before the Earth was destroyed in the Big Mistake, Martin's mother sent him into space so that a descendent of hers would live on to pay off family debts.

Finally, here I am as an "Ouster"...


The Ousters are a human society and a genetically related group consisting of a myriad different cultures spread over much of our arm of our galaxy, preferring to explore and colonize the outer edges of human space.

They are genetically unique in that they have undergone advanced genetic self-manipulation in order to attain increasing levels of adaptation to life in space, from low-gravity environments to the vacuum of space.

[These creations and the rest of the "Hyperion" and "Crestfallen Reflection" collections will be signed, minted and listed NFTs NLT Q1 2022.]

May you and yours be well and loving life today.

In Lak'ech, JaiChai.

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Information Source: HYPERION CANTOS WIKI https://hyperioncantos.fandom.com/wiki/Hyperion_Cantos_Wiki

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