FOSS suggestions please!

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One of my winter projects at the library will be a series of video presentations on free and open source (FOSS) software. Rural internet being what it is, cloud-based services requiring always-on connections are not always practical, and the perennial concerns over proprietary software from big corporations always exists everywhere.

I already plan to cover LibreOffice, VLC media player, Audacity, Blender, and Firefox. My question for you, fellow Hivers, is what other FOSS favorites do you use for different creative projects? Music, video editing, and design are high on my priority list.

Don't worry, I am also planning another video or series (TBD) on Linux, too. Right now, all I need are OS-agnostic program suggestions since this is geared more to people on Windows and Mac.

Thanks in advance! As always, I will upvote good comments.

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Seconding/thirding KDEnlive and Krita and OBS!

There's a freeware version of Komodo Edit (or maybe it's called Komodo IDE, the one I use is called Komodo Edit) for the types that like coding, which I'm only bringing up in case the design stuff includes web/interface design.

In my personal experience I've found GIMP better for photo editing (it can be done in Krita as well) so would recommend that for photos.

And I haven't used Inkscape much but that's pretty good for vectoring and svg.

Are you including Thunderbird with your Firefox coverage?

Definitely gonna include GIMP. I just didn't list it. I need to try KDEnlive. I have heard good things. I hadn't heard of OBS or Krita before though!

I do have a small list of software that I use regularly on my linux distribution. In the lead, I could quote : Darktable, Kdenlive, Handbrake, LMMS, Mixxx...

I'd suggest Pale Moon (browser) and OBS (screen recorder and video editor) as well. Depending on your exact design needs, you may also want to look into open SCAD, since it seems to be a favourite with people who tinker with home-built CNC machines, including 3D printers, but who don't have access to more sophisticated software.

Have a look into Krita. That's been my go-to digital art production suite for quite some time now.

My favorite is Krita. Its a drawing program designed by artists.