Realization and a Painful Bite

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Over the last month or so, I have enjoyed playing CoD Warzone with one of my friends since we both upgraded to 3060TI's and knew the game would run amazingly!! However, I quickly realized that amount of money being taken out of my account was not the only thing that is going to hurt.


My friend and I were beyond excited to play games and see the new beast we had, especially since we both had MSI RX 570's so you could say this was quite an upgrade. Unbeknownst to me, things worked amazing for him while my system suffered greatly for no obvious reason, why in the world am I dropping frames to the point of unbearable, while he was running as-high-as possible graphics?

We both had close CPU's, same amount of RAM, the game is both on our M.2's and I even had a better power supply! His system was on the brink of destruction running a 550Watt PSU so if anyone was to have issues, it'd be him right?

Long story short on this section, I ended up replacing my PSU to a 750Watt (I believe?) and upgraded my CPU from a Ryzen 5 2600 all the way to a Ryzen 7 3700X... while this silicon shortage is at its' worst. Yikes, $1000 down the drain in all that was upgraded to this point. The CPU provided the same performance, except one issue with Ryzen I will discuss in a later post.

After immense studying and troubleshooting, I realized that my RAM was a mere 2400MHz while his was 3200Mhz. . . Okay, so there is my problem that I pretty much can't fix with what I've got here.


Off topic but . .
My system before the major upgrade... What an absolute beauty 😍

Later on

Over the last couple weeks I have noticed a huge performance loss, confusing as no hard-working game was running and only google chrome was open. (I do have three monitors running with discord though) This was absolutely not normal. My system was freezing when launching Rocket-League (game from 2015)

Ryzen 7 3700X
Gigabyte RTX 3060TI
16GB DDR4 2400MHz RAM
750 Watt PSU
Gigabyte X570 Ultra-Gaming Motherboard

Then it hits me

Well, today I realized my problem... I think. Same thing, I tried to open rocket league and it completely stops my audio from YouTube, locks everything as unresponsive. So I take a look at my task manager performance tab and voila! Hard drive D: working at 100% at a speed of 4-8MB/s. A new 7200RPM HDD would run on average at 120MB/s. The RAM was also at 14.9GB of 16, or around 93% Util.

I could be wrong but I'm almost 1000% positive this is what has caused me so many issues from day one. I must have Warzone and other programs on that hard drive, which is failing. In effect, my RAM is working harder to compensate for the HDD failing and with such low speed it is being ineffective in games. Now I've spent money, a ton of money and was wrong about other fixes, but this; I think I got her this time.

Bitter Sweet

I went on Newegg and found some coupons to reduce the price, but I bought A new HDD and some blazing fast 3600MHz RAM, with a CAS latency of 16... I hope I didn't overlook the importance of the timings.

My system will finally be a beast again!!

. . . For a whole two weeks paycheck 😕

Sorry new car fund, You'll have to wait another two weeks


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Yikes, that is really crazy. It is amazing even in this day and age how huge of an impact hard drives can have. I personally try to avoid anything that isn't an SSD these days. I know that to get the cost down you have to sacrifice space, but with most stuff being stored on the cloud these days it isn't a huge deal. I hope this fixes it for you!

I really hope to too! I would have loved to buy an SSD to completely rid my system of hard drives but the one I need to replace is 1TB. So with my price limit in mind, I chose to go with a 2TB HDD. It's crazy that the price difference between 1TB and 2TB is only around $10 of making this, and the 2 is still almost cheaper than a 500GB SSD.

It is definitely crazy. I remember a time when RAM was about a dollar per MB.