Dcity Giveaway #3 - Bought another 10 Packs of 3rd Edition


I'm going to give away another free Dcity NFT to a random person. I have given away a bunch of Dcity card in the past. Check out my older posts! All you have to do is upvote this post and comment which of the cards that I minted today is the best of the lot and why. The person with the best answer will get a free cards from me after this post pays out. Based on the the amount this post makes will effect how much the NFT I give away is worth!

Here we go again. Spent 8000 more SIM to mint some 3rd edition cards. I'm not sure this is really a good investment, but I feel like rolling the dice. Here is what I got:


394 SIM (1182 Total)

Construction Site.PNG
349 SIM (690 Total)

Music Store.PNG
531 SIM

Car Dealership.PNG
675 SIM

599 SIM (1797 Total)

This was probably one of the worst 10 packs I've opened in a while. The total was only 4875 SIM... That's nearly half lost. RNG wins today.