The battle for digital identity is well underway, and vaccine id passports is only one entry point they are utilizing to move everyone onto the Blockchain. This isn't about a virus or a vaccine passport it is a means to create everyone's digital identity.

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The battle for digital identity is well underway, and vaccine id passports is only one entry point they are utilizing to move everyone onto the Blockchain. This isn't about a virus or a vaccine passport it is a means to create everyone's digital identity.

Some people are aware of the "digital identity" future that central banks and corrupt organizations are implenting, to connect everyone into the smart grid, smart citys, and digital currency, for full power and control over everyone's lives, but few understand their full intentions and just how large this operation is, while they create other distractions in the world.

The biometric ID2020 has all the usual suspects, WorldBank, Microsoft, Bill Gates, Gavi Vaccine Alliance etc etc...They’ve actually been rolling it out for some time now with the refugee crisis. The first things these refugees have to do to get food & shelter is enrol in this digital ID programme, a biometric data system. You see, Immigration is under the the larger auspice of globalisation. They are going to leverage human capital, reshaping and reordering their world order through this process.

They have already forced the refugees into this biometric registration which gives access to services and their rights. In the future this is going to be compulsory for everyone. It will also show who has received their jab. This will be your access to go to a restaurant, to get on a train, a plane, to go to a concert, to go to work, purchasing food etc etc...Your livelihood will be in their hands. They will get everyone on board telling you what ever measures they take “it’s for your own safety”.

This global ID (digital vaccine passport/movement passport ) is a road paved to Hell. This will blow the doors wide open for the globalists next phase....a surveillance state with a Chinese style social credit system connected to a digital ledger.

Block chain is a digital ledger, it has potential to take us to great things. But we have to take into account that over top of this is a criminal kakistocracy that’s running the joint. We must take that consideration into everything thats going on right now. They are co-opting it and manipulating it to benefit themselves. And how they are doing that is with the Internet of Things. They are connecting a Social Crediting System to it. Eventually anyone unvaccinated, a dissent towards government or wrong think of any kind may suddenly find they do not qualify to purchase concert tickets...or food. Your options can become limited very quickly via your PERSON.

The government has already suggested that a social credit system will allow the (vaccinated) trustworthy folk to roam anywhere they want, while making it difficult for (unvaccinated) dissidents to take a single step.

In a situation like this it doesn't matter how much crypto currency you have in the bank, you can't make purchases if you do not “qualify”. Once currency goes digital this social credit system will greatly limit people's purchasing power and they will continue to sell this scheme as a means to combat the “invisible enemy” (Covid) and their bogus “Climate Change”....YOU CAN'T LODGE A LIABILITY NOTICE AGAINST ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE.!!

The biggest crisis right now is that most of the two legged livestock are going to loose their heads here, hand over what’s left of their power and rights and accept the vaccine passport. Thinking the government can’t do enough to save them and their families. It’s such dangerous thinking to give away your liberties because of an invisible threat. Who is actually taking your power? Have you asked yourself this? Because this is what it’s all about. If you allow the vaccine passport there’s no going back....The digital ledger connected to a social credit system will eventually follow suit, all connected to your biometric ID2020.

For the thinned downed herd that’ll be left after the jab takes hold these biometric systems you’ll be hooked up to will become the way you will interact in this new “society”. Their “pandemic” is the tool being used to implement this...get you plugged into biometric wallets.

Clearly the world is going to change substantially. It’s a huge acceleration of all these agenda’s coming together. They already have a name for their new economy. It’s called the “shut in economy”...known to most as the “Great Reset”.

After 9/11 saw the beginnings of you all being shuffled into lockstep with the majority’s acceptance to line up for airport body scanners and stringent airport screening. So with all this new intrusive surveillance, it will be considered by the majority who live in fear as a basic freedom so you can be with other people.

The end result is your privacy won’t exist. The globalists are coming after your basic freedoms. 24/7 digital tracking of you and all you do. They will cancel your right to participate in society, to travel, to buy things, to go anywhere unless you follow their rules.

You are are handing your entire life over to globalists allowing them complete control over you. And just how easy was it for them to do.