HiveBuzz World Cup Contest - Recap of 3rd Place match

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Here are the results of the 3rd Place match

The so-called "little final" match is over and the third-place winner is now known.

The first minutes of the match were hectic, but Croatia sealed their exit in the first half. We almost had an equalizing goal in the last minutes of the second half, which would have given us extra time for this magnificent match. It is therefore Croatia that ranks 3rd for this 2022 World Cup.

Congratulations to the Moroccan team who offered us high-quality football and the most beautiful surprise of this edition.

Tomorrow's final promises to be spectacular and will close our contest. In the meantime, here are the results after this penultimate day.


We now have 531 registered participants who will share the 7052 HIVE from the prize pool.

If you want to join and participate, please read the announcement and the contest rules here before making your bet!

Matches - Knock-out phase

TeamsValid betsTeam ATieTeam BWinner
Netherlands vs United States161127034Netherlands
Argentina vs Australia221202019Argentina
France vs Poland382348034France
England vs Senegal377340037England
Japan vs Croatia3851870198Croatia
Brazil vs Korea Republic386372014Brazil
Marocco vs Spain379420337Marocco
Portugal vs Switzerland396351045Portugal
Croatia vs Brazil368240344Croatia
Netherlands vs Argentina3731020271Argentina
Marocco vs Portugal363510312Marocco
England vs France374950279France
Agentina vs Croatia3532520101Agentina
France vs Marocco375310065France
Croatia vs Marocco2831670116Croatia

PS: You can check the results of all group stage matches in this post.

Contest distribution and ranking

We are progressing in this World Cup and the ranking is slowly becoming clearer among the participants.

Here is a breakdown by the number of badges:


Here are the top 25 players. Remember that the sooner you make your bets, the higher you will find yourself in the ranking compared to other players who have the same.

1 @soluce0740
2 @onlyhive40
3 @andyblack40
4 @jats-039
5 @mk99203939
6 @viniciotricolor39
7 @azj2638
8 @furiousfighter38
9 @lazybug38
10 @stewie.wieno38
11 @javierariascbb38
12 @sodom-lv38
13 @arc7icwolf37
14 @bigbanginfinity37
15 @bonobogologolo37
16 @engilhramn37
17 @goliathus37
18 @guurry12337
19 @mcoinz7937
20 @speedtuning37
21 @thedoc0737
22 @vasilev8937
23 @h3m4n737
24 @cajiro37
25 @flquin37

They jealously keep their place in the top 3, they are @soluce07, @onlyhive and @andyblack. If they are not wrong in their bet tomorrow, it will therefore be their speed of voting that will decide between them.

But if they were to make a final and fatal error, it will then be necessary to count with @jats-0, @mk992039 or @viniciotricolor who will then all have the possibility of positioning themselves in the top 3.

According to the prediction sites, the chances of victory of each team are equivalent and no one dares to announce favorites. The suspense will therefore remain intact until the last minute, both for this World Cup and for our contest.

It's a safe bet that the heartbeats will be pounding tomorrow... Hang on!

If you are not listed above, you can check the Ranking Page to find out how far you are from the top.

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Greetings, glad to have made it into the top again. But, i think i should be a few places higher when considering the Argentina vs Croatia game, where i haven't received the badge yet. Apologies in advance.


Hello @flquin, we checked your bet for the match Argentina vs Croatia.
The problem is that you bet twice:

  • on 2022-12-12 23:33:33 for ARG with voting power 1%
  • on 2022-12-13 12:09:51 for ARG with voting power 2%

This invalidates your bet for that match and explains why you did not receive a badge.

Yes, i remember that happening. I thought it was very strange, because i was sure i had already made my vote. After that time (almost 12 hours later) i checked the bet again and my vote did not appear. I was going to ask about this error, but i think it would be more cumbersome to wait for the answer, that maybe it would be corrected and risk not having made my vote. So i decided to vote for the same team I had already voted for.

In the rules i hadn't noticed that about the vote weight modification BEFORE. I can prove that that was not in the rules before i made my vote. Please correct your decision.

Only one vote will be counted. Changing your vote weight, deleting your vote, or voting for a different outcome all generate a new vote and you will be disqualified from the match. Think twice before voting!

That's what it is written as rule for every match.

Greetings, thank you for this information.

Please check all the posts again and see when was the last edition they made. I help you with a game.


Please share your observations.

In the first version of the first match (Qatar vs Ecuador) it wasn't.

But the first version of the Argentina vs Croatia match also had this passage:


Thank you very much for sharing this, i guess you are part of the Hivebuzz team. My pleasure.

This you show me i could take it from you, but it could also have been written at this time and show that date. Sorry for my lack of confidence. But, it is very different what i am showing you than what you are showing.

i guess you are part of the Hivebuzz team

No, I'm just a random guy

Greetings again @hivebuzz.

On this occasion i want to apologize for questioning your clarification and your intentions. @lammbock was kind enough to get me out of my mistake.

Needless to say it was a confusion of mine regarding the rules, because in one post i had seen certain rules and today i see other rules. It was my mistake for not seeing and reading every post i participated in carefully.

Sorry for everything wrong.

No prob. We are glad @lammbock could help you clarify the issue.