When the screensaver is smarter than you.

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It's been a hobby for years to try and figure out how to help the world by tackling some problems with the computer.

So why head out and spend time while you can sit by being lazy and do the exact same thing?

All you need to have is a computer or even an idle smartphone and install a scientific client that gives your PC some tasks (BOINC) and donate some computing time and the electricity to do so. And you can even choose projects that just use your cpu, gpu or both.

So after a pause I'm back to do some distributed computing, do some helpful citizen science. You even can earn some crypto while your at it when you link it together with a GRC client. It won't make you rich but atleast you helped the world out a little.

Like you see it's doing covid tasks and next up are some cancer projects. There's a lot to choose from, but I liked these the most.

You can find all the info to get started and the projects that are supported on their site Gridcoin.

By the way this isn't a shill post, just a little hobby I got running. I don't own a supercomputer nor do I have enough GRC to make a difference anyway.


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That's a pretty cool use of spare computing resources!
I never tried it myself. Do you have control over how much of your resources it uses?

You sure can! You can select how many cpu cores it may use and how much percentage they work.

You can use gpu's too but then you can add a program that throttles when it reaches a certain temperature if you don't want to run it too hot.

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