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RE: Nudism: Clear out the clothes to embrace the flaws

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While we often hear of nudists, chances are a handful never hear about the naturists. Both are of the same coin and interchangeable, but the latter is more philosophical than actual nudity. Most of us associate nudism and naturism with having orgies and sex parties, but it isn't. More than being lustful and enjoying nakedness, it is a cultural practice that openly accepts being nude. Naturism welcomes social nudity but at allowed-by-law places since there are only places that allow it. Some opt to live a lifestyle fully embracing nudity.

Naturism advocates that being nudes in social settings boosts body positivity and morale to alienate our insecurities. That is why some recommend nudity and nude recreation while educating and informing us of their value and enjoyment in our society. Naturism influences us to see our community that perfection does not exist, and having flaws is okay. It is an opportunity to let loose and forget about the artificial things that surround us daily. Also, it encourages us to join in recreational activities, where they can meet people who share the same views on how limiting clothes can be.

Dear @juecoree, From my point of view, I understood nudeism as individualism and naturalism as collectivism.
Do you mean that nudeism is a propensity to rebel against society and naturalism is a propensity to integrate society?

Nudism in architecture is multifacet. It means to design that incorporates exposed structural elements or advocating sexuality and a nudist lifestyle. Like I said earlier, nudism and naturism are about duality. Interior designers have a different take too. Nudity, for them, means using nude tones to create an illusion of pure and innocent but differs from a regular minimalist. Nudism also thrives with the raw and unfinished surface, much like the brutalist, but brutalist portrays aggression and activism while the former seems to enjoy rough concrete in reflecting nakedness.

Your sentence expressiveness and insight in comparing human nudism to architectural style is astonishing! 😄

Nudism influences us to strip off and relieve stress, much like in architecture and the design of refurbished space. Instead of stressing out to cover up the flaws and industrial feel, we embrace it with open arms by turning the exposed beams, frames, and pipelines to blend in the space and make the experience better. Our built environment will become a genuine version of itself that proudly showcases its flaws. We defined nudists regard clothing as a burden rather than protection, not just physically but also spiritually. Like in architecture, we strip off the decors and embrace the exposed structure.

Sex has nothing to do with nudism. I apologize for disappointing you. It has everything to do with accepting our physique and simply enjoying the sun and wind on our skin. It's about having a different perspective on the human body. In arts and architecture, we treat it in the same way. It has nothing to do with being erotic and sensual. Architecture inspired by nudity advocates the philosophical theme of stripping out to nakedness. It is about embracing flaws within the design rather than hiding them. While nudity can still be contentious, it explores the theme go well beyond nudes. Whatever the case may be, we live in a period where nudity may be beautiful, provocative, and revolutionary all at the same time.

I agree with your argument that nudism has nothing to do with sex!
It made us feel the preconceived notions and prejudices we have about nudity!

Your assertions and perspectives certainly don't seem out of the ordinary.😄


Do you mean that nudeism is a propensity to rebel against society and naturalism is a propensity to integrate society?

Nudism is not about being rebellious but some instances we can consider that. Nudism is more on being nude itself. I definitely agree naturism has propensity to integrate society due to it is more about the nudity lifestyle.