Burn this Bitch PUNK #380

in #punklast year


**The game:

  1. Anyone can join you just need to buy an (f)ugly NFT from https://punks.usehive.com
  2. Explain why she/he needs to be burned.
  3. If the average comments after a week states,she can live she ends up my avatar for 3 months. Just like Cesar in the Colloseum.**

In this case some facts about this bitch:

I bought a slut I know this from a reliable source @marki99, She acts like a real EMO and always states she is a catch. Like common your rarity is 83, your bold and F(ugly) get a grip girl.
She is always working as a roadie without proper shower and thus full with spots. I know her know for roughly 20 minutes and im completely tired of her never stops talking.


So vote to burn or vote to make it my avatar :D



yeah she will burn, only need to figure out how :D

Sent to null

Wont work apparently for nfts markymark made a howto yesterday for it.

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