Human condition and advancement!

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From the imaginative blast that denoted the start of the universe to our propelled human phase of advancement, it was around fifteen billion years prior. This propelled stage alludes to the characteristic aptitudes and social accomplishments of our species. Even though these common capacities have not changed a lot in the course of the last hundred thousand years, these social accomplishments have become exponentially over a similar period. The first relies upon organic memory - hereditary data that is put away in human cells and can be transmitted through generation. The last relies upon a social memory - the instructive data that is put away in human libraries and can be transmitted through training. Together, these two recollections and methods of transmission give the apparatuses expected to sustain and improve humankind. The issue is that individuals once in a while utilize these instruments without limit. They increase well indeed; over five billion individuals are a demonstration of this; however, they could improve in every single other regard, affirming of the numerous instances of shortcoming and underhandedness that discolor their picture.

However, its existence can never be perfect. Dignity and, above all, the effectiveness of their efforts will always be limited and improved. It's his human condition. You can accomplish great things, thank God! But this dimension cannot be absolute, thank God again! This imperfection hides a sublime advantage that can only be praised and appreciated by a lover of life. It guarantees the maintenance of a dynamic state in search of realization, essential for action, dignity, and the joy of living.

On the contrary, the fulfillment of infinite health, power, joy, wisdom, glory, wealth, and any other object of one's desires would amount to infinite satisfaction that would kill these desires. This knowledge is impossible because it is incompatible with life. Flawlessness and passing go together like two indivisible darlings in a grave.

Of course, it is difficult not to regret the difficult human condition, as it struggles painfully to face the challenge, particularly when the troubles are not serious and various. At the same time, it is difficult to calculate that there is space to improve creation.

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