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RE: Original Research: Investigating The Therapeutic potential of Locally Consumed Grasshopper in Abuja, Nigeria, against Arthritis disease

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His testimony really made me feel elated and also made realize that the world is noticing us (HIVE). This simply means that most of the articles posted here on HIVE can be easily discovered through most search engines. I only imagined if that article was not well written, he would probably have been disappointed.

This has always been my argument against folks that think we are not doing anything here in stemsocial beyond rewriting someone else's articles. It is unfortunate that many do not see original content beyond making videos, posting recipes or taking photographs of beautiful landscapes (these are heavily rewarded on Hive).

We are naming hive a repo of scientific information in a rather simpler way that is easy to understand by laymen.


Thats basically the order of nature common to man. Naturally, people tend to celebrate frivolities More than anything that has to do with academics/research or Knowledge.

People will always want the easy way out.

Regardless, I am unperturbed. We keep adding more knowledgeable information in the science repository here

This is one of the reasons I am most grateful to those that believe in stem to the extent of supporting us via delegation and other means.