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RE: Is Europe Probably Overreacting to the Outbreak of the Coronavirus?

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What means 'carrying on business as usual'? I would say that business in Africa doesn't really function the same way it does in EU. So perhaps it's not heavily affected.

By that I mean economic activities continue as usual, perhaps because those diseases are not infectious, easily infectious like Covid-19. The world, including Europe, is generally dealing with worst diseases but there is no standstill. That point was made to put things in perspective, not underplay the novel virus.

Majority of population lives in poverty and is jobless. Not paying taxes. People with no human rights. So unfortunatelly deaths of those people do not affect economy.

I fear that your comments above are Eurocentric, to say the least. Point of correction, there are poor people in Africa but they are not in the majority. Jobless people are also not in the majority. Majority pay their taxes with defaulters, maybe not as much as Europe. Most people own their own houses and do not pay rent. Their death will not affect economy? Really? Are they animals or chicken? All lives matter, friend.

If anything - most countries reacted to slowly

Maybe you mean some European countries acted slowly. As for Nigeria, an Italian man brought it into the country. We quarantined him alongside the 179 people he had contact with. We treated the man until he recovered. Today, Nigeria is Coronavirus free. If most countries in Europe had acted like Nigeria, the whole economy will not be on the brinks as we now have it.

Cheers friend.

I agree with other points you have raised here. Thanks. We are on the same page.