How the Blockchain is Changing Money and Business - Don Tapscott (TED Talk)

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For over a decade since its existence, the blockchain has been revolutionary and potentially disruptive. In this video, Don Tapscott, a blockchain expert, brilliantly explains the blockchain technology and how it will disrupt the financial system of the world, redistribute wealth, and democratize business transactions between peoples of the world.

Tapscott believes that the blockchain technology will change the conception of money, how banks do businesses, and eliminate the middlemen who are well known for charging exorbitant fees.

I hope that you'll enjoy the video below as much as I did. Enjoy.

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I think it's extraordinary, especially for taxes and
commissions are going to make reasonable commissions and not

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Hello @gandhibaba, blockchain technology is definitely changing the economy worldwide, every time there are more companies that invest in this technology or have projects based on it.

Something unthinkable makes a decade.

I agree with you @funcho80. With time, all the industries will be affected. Cheers!

Hello, @gandhibaba

We are undoubtedly in the presence of a disruptive technology that will change the way we view money, assets, and finances.

The characteristics of transparency, security and immutability will open the doors of trust in all areas: social, economic, artistic, financial, political, etc.

We're living the history, my friend.