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RE: The Quest For Trillions

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wow in 1980 I was being born I think I was not aware of what was coming.
wow hopefully wealth could be equitable distribution but hey that may never happen even in countries that were supposed to.
The good thing about the internet is that we are already here as the forerunners or perhaps not so forerunners to follow some projects that may be successful, many will fail but the fact of being in a single winner will be enough, well hopefully the wealth generated by this generation is properly distributed so that we can enjoy it since many times it cannot be, here we have the clearest example, you give us a lot of money here every day (Infinite thanks for that) so every day we generate wealth more than others but there goes the chain.
Wow, I never imagined that I could have my genetically modified chicken for dinner for an infamous value. I know that molecular food is on its way but I don't see it focused on it, so well we are on the right track I hope we can see those wonders in the style of science fiction .
Well if it is important to monetize everything, imagine the monetization of the labor economy of bees what they do for nature that leads to millions of dollars in cost to produce food that is not monetized at this time but that many economists have dared to count in hundreds of millions of dollars for the pollination process that helps us in the production of food and fruits.
Well that about the toilets would be interesting there is a lot of information there, and also gold according to someone out there.
and for now that is wasted.