My Project.hope Top 3 Post Review.

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Hello everyone, hello Project hope members. I hope you are enjoying your day.Please remember that health is wealth and stay safe.

Today i will be writing my project hope top 3 post review and this is the 27th edition.

Let's get it going.


My top 3 Project hope post

The major purpose of this post is to write a review on the top three posts i find valuable on the community, I saw a few reviews and mine might be different since we all have different interests. All this said, let me give my top 3 post on project hope:

1 Robot Vs Human: To Replace Or Not To Replace

There was a time when I check movies world, back then when they want to shoot scene from the sky, they make use of a videographer and an helicopter to shoot such scene but now drones have taken over and replace such act, lot of work out there taken over by Artificial intelligence.


There are things humans used to do initially but the presence of robots changed everything, even if robots have made those task very convenient for humans we should never allow them take the place of humans completely.@valchiz.

2 Pledging loyalty to your customers


Despite getting pissed off, bear it in mind that you are to apply the first rule of business. It states that you should learn to put on the habit of endurance while dealing with humans.

No matter how annoying a customer gets, entrepreneurs or sales agent do not have to react based on their attitude, patience is necessary for anyone who will be handling business.
Written by @tfame3865.

3 What are the potential and drawbacks of self-driving cars?


The announcement of self-driving cars has given a huge relief in USA due to increasing number of accidents. In 2012, the number of road crashes reached 287,050 in which 75,000 people sustained some injury. Each year around 30,000 people die in USA in car accidents and traffic congestions.

A good number of people have been anticipating self driving cars for some time now and since the time companies have been trying to work on it, it has not still come to light now this post shared some drawbacks to the reason for the delay.

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Written by @munawar1235

This is my weekly post and I will be doing this on a weekly basis. You can take your time to check out the @project.hope community and delegate to the community.


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