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RE: 🔥#MESScience 2: Vortex Math Part 1: Number Theory and Modular Arithmetic

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Overunity Potential? Rodin Star Coil & Tesla Static Ball Combo for scalar wave power!


Awesome! I had not seen that experiment before. I think over-unity is just a bi-product of understand what exactly electromagnetism is, and which this experiment provides some very good clues. It is similar to The Good Vibrations channel in which he shows that magnets involves a rotation of a "dielectric" or non-spatial medium. I think the Rodin coil, or any coil in general, is a way of directing the "dielectric" in a much more controlled and engineered pathway than typical magnets. I will be focusing on electromagnetism experiments starting next the beginning of next year so stay tuned as I got some epic experiments to test out!

PS: Thanks for the shout-out to my vortex math video!

This is a MUST WATCH

I believe that #SacredArithmetic had it 95% right. I only had to flip the 3's with the 6's. Do you know why?

@fulltimegeek I just saw the video. Pretty cool patterns! hmmm why did you switch the 3 and 6 in your image?? SA summed up the nearest points so how did you get yours??

What's the halfway mark between 1 and 2?

ahhhhh I see. You are taking the half-way (vortex sum) points! So halfway between 1 and 2 is 1.5 v= 1 + 5 = 6.

Thanks for the link, I will check it out when I grab some time!

This youtuber is on an even HIGHER level. I found him by searching for 162346837653.