Steem and (tribe) token progress!

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Normally I would have written this post tomorrow, around half way the month. But because after work a nice and long weekend will start for me, I will write this post today!



Let's start with the mother of all Scott tokens Steem.
At the beginning of the month, I do own 5261 SP. Now when writing this post it has increased to 5571 SP. That is a boost of 310 SP or a 5% increase. Which is good enough for me! I didn't set any goals for the remainder of the year, so I will go with the flow!

The curation is staying behind. This is mostly my own fault. I did stop some time back with the curation game. I know I could earn more SP with curating then I am doing at the moment. This month I did earn 8.267 SP with curating. With the SP I am holding, I should be able to earn around 20 SP per month!

The value of Steem had a tough first half of the month. Loosing day after day. Not only against the USD but also against BTC. Today is a better day for Steem.


Last week I wrote a post with the question what the reason was for this decrease and I did promise to give away 1 Invite token to the best answer. The best answer according to the Jury (aka Me) was from @cpufronz. Well if you look into Steem-Engine you will find an Invite token which belongs to you! You can use it at will or sell it!

Tokens, tokens everywhere!

Well I did record my tokens holdings at the beginning of the month! So, it is time to check how they did!
This is only a snapshot of the tokens I am holding at the moment. There could be tokens out there who are performing much better!

At the beginning of the month the total value of the tokens was $110.11 or 579.527 STEEM. Although I do have more tokens now, this did decrease to $69.78 or 367.288 STEEM.


  • Most tokens did decrease in Value. Most of them around 40%. I do only have 2 tokens which did increase in value. Those are ZZAN and Invite.
  • My token leader is SPORTS. Not abnormal because I do write a sports posts from time to time. I do follow lots of Steemians who do post posts with the sportstalk tag to it!
  • If we look at the $ and Steem value of the tokens, PAL is my most precious token. This has a value of $35.93. Which is a decrease of 43% compared to last month. And I do stake all my earned PAL tokens.
  • 3 new tokens are being staked at the moment. These are STEM, MARLIANS and TRDO.
  • TRDO: No idea how I do earn TRDO but they show up each day. I do know that when you have staked 1000, you can start to handout these tokens by writing a comment on a post, which you think should belong in trending.
  • STEM: Maybe I should try to curate these posts a little bit more. It is more a technology tribe. Becuase I am interested in this topics there should be some posts which I enjoy!
  • MARLIANS: not clue what it is! But I can claim a small part of these each day!
  • If we do have a look at the most users which do stake a certain coin, TRDO comes first with 977 users, closely followed by ENOXAG with 910 users.
  • If I exclude the INVITE, which is earned by delegating and the gambling tokens I have, I am highest on the staking leaderboard of PAL. So I also should increase my attention to this!
  • For 6 tokens to holding value did increase. This mostly because I did have a healthy increase in those tokens. These are Battle, NEOXAG, SPT, ZZAN and CCC.

Overall it is nice to have these tokens. they did change the game of Steem. Due to this suddenly more people are posting a daily post, trying to earn some more tokens from a certain tribe. But this has also the side-effect, like @abh12345 once wrote that the tags aren't tags anymore. You can't distinct based on the tag about what a post will go. And yes, the same goes for my posts!

So, that is it from now. Now I can move the left side of the table to the right side and check again at the end of the month!




hehehe and I have the feeling as well that people are switching over to a frontend where they can use more tags even ;) im staying on busy...i just like busy hahahah..

Yeah its really token bonanza at the moment, and I need to work on my curation game as well because of next week...the author rewards.....ciaoooo

Busy is up to 10+ tags now anyways so that's cool :)

Didn’t know that!

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Nor me until I typed a 6th in by accident and no error appeared :D

I did switch to steempeak. Not only for the option to use multiple tags.
Really like it!

The only problem I have is that sometimes it doesn’t upload the pictures well but that probably has to do with the network at the office.
So I do add them later with busy!

Curating will become more and more important!

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I take my hat off you “ gaat als een Speer !!”
I indeed hate the tact that tags aren’t tags anymore it’s a means to earn. But wasn’t the initial thing here blog and vlog...... I am lost !!!

Hey when did you reach dolphin? I thought that wasn't coming until the end of the year? :D

Around a month ago!
Did some investments and had some luck with the games!
So happy I did reach it earlier than planned. For the moment I don’t have any targets (yet) besides trying to win back my money on some gambling dapps!

But the more I do think about Steem the less I like it. Normally I would post daily at least once but last Sunday I even couldn’t find the motivation to post!
It feels like steem is less about blogging and more about other things!
Steem-engine did create lots of opportunities for some. People are again posting to earn, regardless of quality! Not that all my posts do have good quality but I do hope that none of them could considered a shit post!

With all the tokens I do question if steem itself can keep up its value! People are posting to earn, convert to tokens to steem and then bring them to the market! For me one of the reasons why the value of steem did get a big blow!


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Good luck winning your money back - a dangerous game :)

Personally I don't think the Tribes have devalued STEEM, and should the market turn the blockchain should gain popularity because of them.

Oh and congrats for making it to 5000 with 4/5 months to spare!

It for sure is! So I will do it with precaution!

Don’t get me wrong. I really love the tribes. Take for instance sportstalk, never did I see some many sports post on the steem blockchain.
And I could earn much more there if I would write a daily sportspost but I am not willing to do that!
I like to write about different things. Hence which explains why I am not growing fast(er) at most tribes!

And the tribes did also give us to try out for the 50/50 split. Still curious how that will change the rewards. And how the bidbots will react on that. Because HF21 will not erase them! They will probably just double the upvote value and get rich with curation rewards.

But time will tell I guess!

Already missing Mallorca?
Asked the wife yesterday if she was willing to sell everything we have here in Belgium and move to there! The reaction wasn’t negative but it is unlikely that we will do this!

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I'm trying to write daily but it is tough, the rewards are better for curators so i don't feel like i am missing out so much.

I am not too hopeful for HF21, 22 will be better.

Yes I miss the sunshine! When your kids are old enough I think you should emigrate somewhere nice and warm :)

People do underestimate how much time a decent post costs. Too bad I am staying out of sight of the most big accounts.

But it is what it is.

HF22 with SMT? Still no clear idea how that would change steem because I don’t understand it.

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Thank you very much for the Invite token :)

Amazing to see how it all builds up and grows. I have my Steem Engine Wallet like my cherry on top for the future! I am sure a handful of those will be well worth holding over time!

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Seems like you're doing good, Peter. :0)

But this has also the side-effect, like @abh12345 once wrote that the tags aren't tags anymore. You can't distinct based on the tag about what a post will go. And yes, the same goes for my posts!

The wrong use of tags is pretty annoying when you're looking for content you're interested in. I'm one of the few people who does use tags to find content, and it has become a real pain. People forget categorization is at least as important as earning tokens. After all, you want to reach your target audience.
I wouldn't have found your post if t wasn't in the @ocdb-list. I think you'd benefit from using at least 2 categorization tags to reach more people who are looking for content like this.

There's an easy fix, definitely now Steempeak has integrated the use of 10 tags.
For my posts, I make a selection of tribe-tags I want to use (max 5 or 6 per post). I use my first 5 like I did before the tribes were around, i.e. as categorization tags on SteemIt, Steempeak and Busy. At the end, I add the tribe tags. Those last 5 tags aren't picked up by those three sites, so they're the perfect way to earn extra tokens.

The tags of my latest post:

Click to enlarge

I'd love to see people categorize their posts more again. Tokens are great, but if your post gets lost in the never-ending stream of 'general' tribe posts, you're missing out on readers...

But that's just my two cents....

Nice to have the option for more tags. I mostly use esteem -still only 5 tags.

You got a 36.83% upvote from @ocdb courtesy of @fullcoverbetting! :)

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Half the tags now are just to use tokens. It's quite strange actually.
Personally, I think people are going to be turned off by Steem when they see posts with tags within tags within tags and people discussing all this stuff. It's just too complicated for the average person. Hopefully, my forecast is offset by people who join tribes just to be a part of a tribe and not care about Steem, but I'm not sure when that can happen or if anyone wants to put any serious investment into a tribe at this point.

Let's take sports, for example, it's valued at like 22 million dollars and its daily volume is less than 500 dollars. That's unhealthy. What is their plan to get volume up or are people just collecting the token for no purpose? It's the middle of the road example and something with wide appeal. But when I looked into it I found no organization, no leadership structure, no plan. It's just a forum that looks like reddit did around 10 years ago.

I have a couple of tokens I have no idea how or why I even earned them. Which sums up what I think they will end up doing lol.

So many tokens and I feel the party is only getting started. It is at least fun to see a new random one show up in ones wallet.

I have more tokens now that I know what to do with. Most don't come with any explanation or instructions, and only a few are really worth anything. It's all so confusing. 😬

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