HiveTips and HivePatron Update💪

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Coding and Testing

And more coding. And more testing. Coding and testing, coding and testing, coding and testing and yes! One of our goals for Hive, is to further decentralize everything possible. We have invested almost all our efforts into ensuring that you, and your browser on your computer, are what does it all with no third party involvement. Your funds, your computer and your decisions need to be controlled by you and not centralized entities. This is more than possible and we are making it happen.

We have to apologize for the fact that these updates took a while longer than what they usually take. We had a hard fork of Hive and Twitter also updated their APIs. Google then had to review all the changes before it was live again in the Play Store and that is just part of the process. It helps to protect everyone, both us and most importantly, you.

We, think of it as time invested by a third party (Google) who has a lot at stake with their own project(s) and who is out there making sure that they protect all their clients. This greatly helps us and you along the way in this project. This update is pretty much all about the code.

Digging In

A lot of headway has been made on the backend, leaving only one more type of tipping process left open which is now being tackled as we are writing this update. This new addition should be completed as planned within the next 10 to 15 days as long as there are no unforeseen interruptions that slow us down and we can commence live testing. After debugging, we can safely say that we are well established to move forward in the process of adding new platforms to HiveTips.

The UX/UI graphic design and coding is moving ahead as hoped for (as requested by members of the community). Estimated time of completion is roughly another three weeks, again, depending on circumstances. Updating the original proposal post, will be done as soon as merge requests are deployed.

Note: may be done by the time this update is posted, as Hive is moving forward at lightning speed.


v0.7.1 is out with v0.7.2 to be dployed in the next 24 hours.


Updates for Firefox will be bundled into one update that include everything listed above.

TLDR, Here's a video

What Is New!

In the settings you will find the following:Then, click on Change Comment Template
unnamed 10.pngunnamed 9.png
A new tab will open up in your browser with comment templates that you can choose from. Simply click on the one that you prefer to use when tipping and add a custom signature at the bottom of it. This new feature aims to eliminate the potential spam factor that Twitter was worried about as everyone can create their own unique HiveTips comment!

unnamed 11.png

When completed, simply click on the Confirm button and that is that. Every tip made on Twitter from that point forward will be your chosen template with your custom signature.

Is This Only Available on #Twitter?

It will be available on other sites too, but we had to go through the process of first getting it coded and approved. That is the short version of it all, without getting into all the fun of debugging!

What Other New Goodies Are There?

We also worked a fair bit on the Patron feature. Yes, you read that right, Patron. You can make your own custom Patron contracts which are totally 100% yours. Remember, we are aiming to decentralize as much as possible, so that YOU have full control wherever and however possible. We introduced HivePatron as soon as we had it up and running - Ref: Benefits of HiveTips + 😲Introducing - HIVE PATRON!👀. But now, we have added some extra features to it that we are sure will come in handy when you independently make a custom json contract on Hive (the blockchain).

Simply click on the Patron button and you will immediately notice that you can set the payout dates if the first of the month doesn’t suit your wishes or needs, i.e. if you get power downs on a certain date after the first in the month.You can see on the dropdown menu shown below, you can now send the funds to people as HivePower (automatically have it powered up in their account). Yes, that is right, so if for example you send 5 HIVE a month to a Patron, you can choose for that 5 HIVE to go directly into their HP.

To add to it all, we have added the ability to support a Patron with a defined fiat equivalent amount in USD of HIVE, every month. This can also easily be done via the dropdown menu seen here. Say you wish to send a Patron $5 of HIVE every month, all you do is simply select USD.What if you choose to change something or cancel a Patron contract? Well, you don’t have to be a coder, you can simply cancel your custom Json on the blockchain by clicking on the little trash can icon next to the contract that you want to cancel or change and that is that.

The best part about all this is the fact that your browser on your PC is doing all the work, no middle man. This newly reviewed and approved code now gives us the opportunity to finish off the next step to ensuring we have all bases covered in the goal to get HIVE all over the internet on as many sites and platforms as possible during the course of the planned 24 months. We will keep you updated. Thank you.

Please Consider Approving our HiveTips Proposal 😇 PeakD - - Hivesigner


Cool developments. I think Hive could replace some of the other ways people support creators. Just need then to sign up.


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I tried to send hivetips to twitteruser, but the hivetip icon does not appear in my tweets. What could be the reason? I use the Brave Browser. is there a tutorial anywehre?