Meditation Music - Lung, Health stabilization, Reduce Pain

in Music9 months ago

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This 30 minute meditation music contains 6 different background frequencies and can help against lung problems as well as contribute to general health stabilization and pain reduction.

When listening to frequencies, you should always drink enough water! The frequencies can be listened with speakers as well as with earphones.

Important Disclaimer: Frequencies should not replace medical treatment!

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As much as this looks very helpful, I suggest that you try as much as possible to give detailed writeup probably next time.
It's really nice meeting you and going through this blog of yours.
I hope you are very well?
Have a great day.

Thanks for asking and the feedback. 😊 I am good and what about you? Have a great day too

Meditation is very helpful for people.

I dont do meditation but I really want to try something and don't fall asleep on the way😂

Meditation is just great, if you don't do it yet, you should really give it a try sometime 😀

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