SurvivalSaturday #38: Minimal Brain Damage pt2

in #survival2 years ago

This week's excerpt continues where last week's left off.

It continues to expand on the early brain formation of infants.

Get the whole story.






If you are looking to raise your children outside the established matrix, then you can do no better than to seek your knowledge from outside the approved sources.

If you want them, and you, to think for yourselves, then you have to look in the dark corners of the interwebz to find the really good stuff.

The matrix doesn't want you learning how to think for yourself, it wants you to relax, lie back, and accept the interface.
Relax, tyranny will do your thinking for you!

If you are a blue pill kind of person, then you should embrace that.
But, if you have any love of freedom lurking in the further recesses of your mind, then you got to get your data from somewhere off the beaten track.

If being a social revolutionary was easy, it wouldn't be cool.
Everybody would be doing it.

But you, dear reader, have the wonderful experience of having encountered me.
I have left the beaten path a very long time ago.
I never really understood why folks felt the need to comply when freedom required dissent.
It still doesn't make much sense to me.

I just do what I do, you will have to do the same.