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RE: My entry to the Pay It Forward Curation Contest - Week 95

in #payitforward2 years ago

Super valuable work here mate! Helped what I could. Keep this stuff!


Thanks! If you want to join the contest, we'll welcome you! 😊

Here's a !BEER and a !DERANGED token for you!

Thanks for the welcoming. I just started work... time will run out eventually =)

But now and then I will come to consume some bandwidth with my nonsense stuff 😆 not all of it, but some.

Hey @forykw, here is a little bit of BEER from @trincowski for you. Enjoy it!

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You just received DERANGED @forykw Keep up the great work. Congrats, you have been gifted 1 DerangedCoin. You can redeem 20 of them for an upvote from the deranged.coin account. Redeem your tokens by sending to deranged.coin through Steem Engine with your post URL in the memo field, view all your tokens at