The Role Of Science In Agriculture.

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Technology, the way it is approaching and expanding makes us really think about it and have a look at the potential for the coming future. As we are on the verge of making another scientific revolution,still we need to learn a lot on how to use it more smartly and with open mind.Maybe you are thinking about that for a while in your mind,but thats really true and a burning need to learn more on the field of Technology if we want to make improvement on various sectors of our life.If we forget to do that,then we cant just blame the options, but ourselves for not being able to implement and make the best use of tech.


Now, tech with all the applications,we are getting the best results from different angles.One of the sector where tech is bringing positive change is the Farming Section.I remember, there were timees when rural farmers who were very poor and illiterate didn’t have the scope to modernise their work that much.They had no options to choose for a better life and most often they struggled to produce more crops for us.Food Items are something we cant live without it and no possible alternative are there to replace this item.

For Food Items we are to solely depend on the farmers to produce foods and crops and all tbe vegetables and spices.The community of peasantry was much backwarded back in the time, and looking back at the history we would notice they had to struggle a lot to make foods and then supplying them in the local markets.Often the tools with which they worked were manual and not crafty to manipulate nicely.Those tools were non productive and endowed with low counts of efficiency to grow plants in the field.

I closely observed on those aspects where farmers had to toil much and worked hard to maintain the good crop production and by the process, we could enjoy the food and feed our hungry minds.So,it means we are to depend on them indirectly. Back then that time it was no easy and before tech to shift there we had minimum amoumt of crops and that caused famine to break out and scarcity of crops led to many other problems.Social crime, want, low class lifestyle etc were the actual samples.

But, after tech came and helped the farmers to grows food, we began to see development and progress on these fields.Tech supplied farmers with grazing machines, mowing cutter machines to cut the grasses and plougg on the land.Tech provided tractors aand modern day tools to the farmers and by means of it, they found a new way to farm in their lands.Tech came up front to give spaces and opportunity to increase the quality and protect the plants from bacteria and viral diseases.


Agricultural revolution came with more in depth science to meet with thr diseases and with better system and method to deal with them.Agricultural science now one of thr sectors where scientists and researchers are spending hours to keep up the growth ad inventing new strategies to take farming one step ahead.These are realities today,and looking here from the back time, its clear that how different it has become conparing the old times.

Now, as the days progressing, we hope to get more added utensils and hopefully these things could improve the life of the farmers. The main motive of science and tech up here is to make peoples lives more free and happy.In terms of farming sector, we get to see that being implemented and for that thanks go to all of tbe scientists who worked for to establish as we see the science today.

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