Technology & Our Children: Where To Look For.

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The world is changing and so as Education.It is normal to have the technology and all the tools to be engaged in the method of teaching students and making them learn from it.Operators and educators all over the world are of course trying their best to solve problems thaf we face in terms od every day education, but tbere are also some limits upto what we can apply new things in the sector of education. Maybe, there are something where we nees to pay heed and see the defects. Problems are many but at the same time we must come to a conclusion.


What Is The Point?

The prime concern for why I came here to connect with you in written form is to make all of us aware of a certain fact.You know,in most of the free times, I used to ponder over many aspects of education and try to exercise on some contexts where I see disparities and problems come floating by.Problems come and go but many of us dont know where actually the problem is, instead we try to flash and change the scene and cut over it.Thats unfortunately true, most of us dont get to find out problems and fail to select answers in response of it.

The point of today's discussion is the abundance of technological tools & The Misuse of It.Maybe,you have got the Idea in the title of the blog heading, yeah! If you are thinking about the education going in the wrong direction then you are quite right.Technology has created spqce for our students and childs but it has also opened up ways by which they are misusing it in a broad way.Like all the side effects of every inventions, this extra little inventions on the side of tech application on education also got some bad sides.Now, it has time to speak up about it.

The Underlying Reasons & Causes.

As tech is at the hand of the childs and the availability is deeply rooted, the young users finding it very easy to get involved in negative sides of websites and other video games.Tech has been deployed for the sole purpose of keeping them smart and digitized in learning and pro actove when it comes to proper study techniques,but they seem to overpass the boon and getting involved in the wrong side of it.Active exposure to the internet is taking them to the bottomless pit of moral decadence and the results are everywhere we see in the behavior of our young students.

There has been a clear gap where the parents are not properly playing their roles to guide them and motivate to reform their bad habits.Paents role are something which play the bigger part for shaping the conduct of the young learners. Now,there are areas where it needs improvement. Parenting is one of them and pushing them to be a better person and making them aware by pointing out, where to learn and where to improve and raising conscience are areas to look for.


Getting The Solutions.

If we talk about solution, then there would be many to come from.Once the problem is identified then its easy to find remedy, because the answer is in the problem.Now, we marked the problem is in the use of internet and playing video games all the time.The students lost interest in study and linked enough pleasure to the games and videos because they get entertainment from these things.

But we as a guardians and teachers lost all the balance to move them to think smart and be creative to find a way to use their energy in a fruitful way to operate.There are Microsoft Word,Excel, Powerpoint, animation studios, programming etc, where they can look for and spend time. We must show them that there are pleasuree and merriment in building and creatiing new things. The more they would know it, the better it would be for them to get used to it.

Conclude it.

Finally,I think not much things are left to say here.I showed some way to get back at the equation and solve the problem that is linked with the misuse of technology and their excessive of it in the wrong ways.I wont say, too much study is good, but there has to bw a limitation. Hence,the students are often crossing the limits and spending more times in theses.Thats where we need to look at and find more ways to come over and tackle the root problems.

These are the ways, if you could find more, then opine it here on the comment box and I would be happy to accept it.

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