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RE: Misinformation, Misconceptions, and Covid-19

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A few days ago, I argued with an anti-vaxxer on Facebook.

I admire your courage to do that. Yesterday I heard something along the lines of this in the Austrian radio: "At no time anyone in this world said 'That was worth it!' after having an argument on Facebook" (It was some comedian - I don't know who though)

nCoV19, SARS-CoV-2, Covid-19 (in a variety of spellings), coronavirus, there are many names floating around for the disease, and people don’t always seem sure what the correct one is. In a way, they all are.
nCoV19 was the original name for the virus, later changed to SARS-CoV-2, (Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus) a name that highlights its close relationship to SARS-CoV. Covid-19 stands for “coronavirus disease 2019”.

I got a letter (a PDF per E-Mail) by the Austrian government which started with "Dear xy, the Coronavirus (Covid-19)...". Something like that really irks me. xD

Regarding Trump: while I agree with you that what he said was after all probably an attempt to help solve that problem, he should have had thought about it for a second, and asked one (or many) of his advisors if this is actually a viable thing to do. He is after all the head of a state of about 300 Million People, and as such he has certain responsibilities. While it would probably be funny to see him say that I can't laugh at that knowing that there are people who blindly follow what he says (seems like a hard thing to do regarding how often he contradicts himself) and that he in a way actually is risking his citizens' lives by saying such bullsh*t.

"The fact that some people can’t receive the vaccine obviously shows that vaccines cause damage."

I probably would've answered that with mentioning allergies and intolerances, since those are somewhat similar ;-)