Shit! That was too close!

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Not long after posting my love story hard on ode to my splitting mauls I went and broke one. Leave it to me.


Really, I thought it was not that fragile and being drop forged had hoped for a bit more malleability.But alas I was


It was a bit unnerving. I was using the maul as a sledge to hit the splitting wedge into a round of fir and had about 5 or 6 hits when the next hit shattered the maul. I heard pieces of metal hit my surroundings, shrapnel that could very likely have hit me, but missed, fell to the ground. I found only the biggest pieces.

So yeah... it is still useable as a maul, just not as a sledge. My poor precious is now half the maul it used to be. Okay maybe just a few ounces less the maul, but it still diminished its maulhood. I have made sure to keep using it after the break to keep its spirits up and not feel left out.

Tools are meant to be used and abused and I am a master at the latter.

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The main problem in future will be to have confidence in this maul/sledge.

Exactly. It saw its last use as a sledge for sure. It's now relegated to splitting only. Such a shame to have broken such a nice maul head. I am going to have to do some scrounging locally for any to replace it. I am in timber country so it shouldn't be too hard of a task.