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Hello Friends HIVE blog all. May we always be under the protection of Allah SWT amen.


Tonight is my first post, allow me first to introduce myself first to all HIVE blog users. I know HIVE blog from my friend named @iq_bal, he suggested me to join HIVE blog. Before I joined the HIVE blog, I was told to study and was told to observe what a HIVE blog is. And now Alhamdulillah I already know it.

My name is FLAMEGO, I was born in Indonesia which coincides with the Aceh province of Lhokseumawe. I am the second child of three siblings, the name of my family is:

  • Usman (father)
  • Halimah (mother)
  • Risks
  • Flamego
  • Haikal

I was born into a simple family, but I'm still proud of what my family is.

My father is named Usman, however he passed away in 2018, and I have a mother named Halimah. Both my parents have managed to raise us until now, but after my father died, my mother worked as a laundry man to pay for our schooling. Alhamdulillah, the three of us also managed to finish school.

I studied at SMA N 6 Lhokseumawe, I graduated 2019, and because my father had passed away, I chose not to continue in college and I decided to work. I work intermittently, sometimes I work as a construction worker and sometimes I also work as a mechanic.

My hobbies are also uncertain because my hobbies depend on my condition, sometimes I like to play football, fishing, reading, swimming and playing drums.

Alright friends, this is all from my story this time, thank you and see you in the next post.


Wow it turns out to be you, welcome 🤗👍

Thaks for your support

Most Welcome 🤓👏

Welcome brother.

Thanks for your support

Welcome brother @flamego

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Welcome friend, Hive will show you many very interesting things

Hi welcome to Hive! As a nice start you might want to check the communities under the incubation program of OCD by dollowing this link

Good luck and have fun.