O _ O Mars really is the first Human-made Machine robot world

in #ai2 years ago

On February 18, 2021 Perseverance landed on Mars surface, being the 5th Machine to successfully do so. Here is a video of it's landing:

Mars really is the first human-made AI machine robot world. Correct me if I'm wrong but my understanding is that Perseverance uses a machine learning technology called "AutoNav" to create a digital elevation model with imagery from Perseverance’s cameras. This allows Perseverance to map out the terrain, searching for rocks and other obstacles while correctly calculating ways to maneuver around them.


As we all know, space if very hostile to organic matter. Humans have figured out ways around this by hiding in heavy metals and machineries but I would argue that in the future; new technologies like neuralink would allow the human brain to link with a machines like Perseverance? Creating a potential cyborg utopia.


The new discoveries we are embarking upon, leads me to believe that AI-Human symbiosis isn't exactly science fiction.



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