Three Days in the Forest

in #naturelast year

Just got back in town (and back online) after three days camping with buddy, Nathan.


Now more than ever we are dependent on technology as well as used to (addicted?) to the convenience of it all.

All the more reason to DISconnect, eh?

All the more harder to do so:/

But after any tech withdrawals, one REconnects to the fundamental nature of our existence. And what better place to reconnect to this than in out in nature?

"Nature is cruel, nature is beautiful," I said to Nathan, looking out over the river. "But more than anything nature just IS."

One morning we saw three deer swimming across the river. I knew deer could swim, but never saw it.



When watching, I thought, "Get my camera!"

But I knew then I'd miss them--as well as the whole point of being out there. It's not about needing to share it to validate it. It's about appreciating it for what it is. For it being.

As boring as it may seem to shut off all technology, it's mindblowing how expansive the world suddenly becomes. Just look at the stars at night. Look at them and take in the night sky--or day sky for that matter.


Nature, the universe--there's nothing more expansive, puzzling, and dazzling.

To the degree that tech can help us in life, it is a gift. Perhaps one gift commonly unseen is the contrast a hi-tech life offers to one without any