Independence Day Takes on a Whole New Meaning In Today's Era

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July 4 is Independence Day, the U.S.'s recognition of its hard-fought independence from England. This is an occasion to unify with fellow citizens to celebrate nationhood. Yet as is often highlighted on The Periphery, modern America is defined by its division. The division among the citizens is clear (politics, protests, etc.). But things are also defined by the breaking apart of the country's institutions.

I'm an independent media creator, one of many here--not to mention on all the other platforms. In the old days (just 10+ years ago), such individuals would need to pursue a career through an established media corporation. Today, some of the biggest creators in media have no affiliation whatsoever with such corporations. This is because of the rise of communications technology (internet), paired with the descent of mainstream media outlets.

Media is not alone. Institutions in charge in many areas of society are no longer what they used to be.

In my upcoming video about visiting Skid Row, I point out how the city of L.A. spends incredible (and increasing) sums of money on homelessness only to see the problem worsen. Thus, just like the fragmenting media world gives rise to independent creators, so, too, will new, independent humanitarian organizations need to rise to tackle issues like Skid Row.

This fragmentation is occurring across the country, across fields.

Independence Day takes on a whole new meaning in this era.

Watch "Skid Row: On The Periphery", premiering this Wednesday at 8:30pm Central Time on YouTube:

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-revealing the conditions on these streets in L.A.
-analyzing this nationwide predicament
-offering the way forward, as we see it

This will be the first official production from The Periphery Foundation.