103,124 ETH Deposited to Exchanges in Just 10 Minutes

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In recent analytics data, a huge sum of Ethereum roughly around 103,124k ETH ($410 million) was sent to different crypto exchanges in less than 10 minutes.

In accordance with Glass node charts on may 12, it shows that a whooping 103,124k ETH was sent to crypto exchanges in barely ten minutes.

An Ethereum chart provided by Glassnode on May 12 demonstrates that a mind-blowing batch of 103,124 ETH was recently sent to crypto exchanges in only a ten-minute period. Amidst these exchanges, the OKEx crypto exchange was part of it.

Right after this happened, the value of Ethereum dropped drastically to $3,900 level, in accordance with coin market cap data.

"$410 million in ETH moved to crypto exchanges."

Reference: Source 1


This is interesting.
It's a huge sum of money, something is cooking in the background ?
Any news on who was behind this ?

Who knows? DYOR

I guess you we're blind enough to see the sourcing and credits? 😕

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