Frustrated with Siri? Upgrade to “Siri-Pro” with ChatGPT!

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Aside from war, chemical spills, and unrelenting financial doom there’s been one more topic that’s dominated the news for the past few months…ChatGPT.

I remember mentioning in a post a few months ago that I wondered which mobile app would be the first bridge between our mobile phones and ChatGPT.

A few days ago I found an article about how to create a voice activated shortcut in iOS that allows you to use ChatGPT as your personal assistant on iPhone. Here's another article with more detailed steps.

If you’re anything like me you won’t miss Siri one bit. I’ve had an iPhone for years and have grown so frustrated at the ineptitude of Apple’s personal assistant, Siri, that I hardly ever use it. Siri seems many steps behind other competitors like Alexa and Google Assistant. I'm at a loss why a company as large as Apple hasn't spent more resources making it better.

The ChatGPT set-up doesn’t sound particularly easy but after reading through the instructions I don’t think it would be too difficult for most tech-minded people to accomplish if they’re willing to spend an hour or so on it.

Here’s a video with some of the more advanced examples of what this ChatGPT integration with iOS can do. I have to say, it's pretty impressive.

I wouldn’t, personally, be able to utilize all of the features just yet because we don’t have any of the “smart home” features in our condo yet. Even so, to be understood without having to repeat myself three times (and devolve into shouting profanities at my phone) and for a digital assistant to perform even basic functions flawlessly, the time invested in the installation will be well worth it.

I’m going to give this ChatGPT installation a shot at some point this week and will report my results. If you try it please let us know how it goes!

All for now. Trust your instincts, invest in you, live boldly, and take chances.

~Eric Vance Walton~

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I don't use the personal assistant on my Google phone too much. I am kind of paranoid and I feel like my phone listens in on me enough already! I do have some smart devices at home but I have those on a separate network in my house that is subnetted and vlan'd separate from my main network. Our Firestick has an Alexa button on it, but we are careful never to press it. It's not like I have anything to hide really, I just don't like the idea of it. I know one day I am going to need to give in and embrace it all, but for now I am still dragging my feet.

It's disconcerting. The phones are definitely actively listening as well as recording keystrokes. I've noticed how both of these factors influence what YouTube populates on my "Home" screen, the same holds true with my Google news app. It's almost dialed in to the point where it feels like they're reading my mind.

Yeah, I have felt that at times too. Sometimes my wife and I talk about random stuff just to see if it comes up. I don't really think I have found peace with all of that yet. I know it's coming eventually though.

I feel the same way. For better or worse, eventually, we'll probably become accustomed to AI running as a sublayer in the background of our lives.

Yes, I am guessing that is very true!

ChatGPT is truly a game changer, It has some bad impact, but also it has some great impact on the human life and also on the market. It can help you verify the information from the internet, it can help you generate article for you. Now here have a new use case for Apple user who are in stress because of Siri.

There are so many use cases yet to be discovered as well. As with any technology, it's a blessing and a curse.

I will be fascinated to hear the end result. It should be good because it can parse better than the current crop of assistants can. Although I find Alexa quite good. I am looking forward to this technology getting out in the wild and being put to the test in general so I am hoping you manage it!

I'll be tackling this within the next week. I'll need at least an hour of uninterrupted time to focus and that's always the challenge. I can't wait to try it. My first and only exposure to Alexa was in an Airbnb we were staying in back in 2018 and I was even impressed back then. Alexa was so much smarter and conversational than Siri.

My kids love 'her' endlessly asking for jokes and the like.

I got my own back by adding a couple of routines to check for when I say a variation of different sentences centering around who is the coolest/greatest/bestest in the family/this house she always answers why Daddy bear is of course - they think it's genuine magic :0D

Look forward to hearing the results!

That is hilarious! Oh man, I haven't installed ChatGPT on my phone yet but finally got access to it on my MacBook and it's mind-blowing. I was experimenting with having it create travel itineraries and I'm beyond impressed.

It does many things exceedingly well! I quite like it. I wish people would stop confusing it with real AI as if it is about to become sentient or something but it is a fantastic step into the future!

Yea, ChatGPT has also been popular on HIVE recently, but in a negative way. Seems it is able to generate post copying contents from all over the internet, which could be harmful to the ecosystem and rewards pool of HIVE.

Oh yes. I'd never use ChatGPT to write blog posts, nor would I support others doing it.

Getting ChatGPT as a personal assistant sounds quite futuristic and brings a new use case for people relying on AI in daily life. While I have Alexa, I see that with ChatGPT 3.5 Turbo you can create personalized chatbots for your Alexa device. I should see how can I achieve that as I am already using ChatGPT at work and found it quite helpful.

Very nice! I've never used ChatGPT so when I get it installed on my iPhone it'll be my first exposure to it.

I would like to read how your experience has been when you install it, especially with text creation. For some countries and for some people, artificial intelligence is coming at a morrocoy pace (I'm just getting started in image creation with Midjourney). I have read very positive things about ChapGPT, but also many negative things. In Venezuela there is a new modus operandi to steal and that is to clone some accounts and impersonate other people. I have read that this is a disadvantage of ChapGPT: it can store private information that can be used by others. Anyway, even if we don't like to admit it: What will be the future of artists, in this case, writers? Will they be dragged to oblivion or, on the contrary, will they make an excellent "mix" with A.I. and creativity will reach extraordinary and unthinkable levels? It will dawn and we will see. An excellent Monday to you, Eric!

I totally agree. Any tech has positives and negatives but AI such as ChatGPT will have greater positives and negatives than any other technology that's ever existed...except for maybe nuclear fusion. Most people have no clue what impact this will have on humanity and how quickly things will change. Thank you Nancy! Enjoy your week!

I have been listening to you talk about ChatGPT for a long time and there is no doubt that everything has both pros and cons. But I have heard most people appreciate it like students etc. It helps them a lot in making their assignments etc and making projects and I haven't used ChatGPT yet, and I will wait for your post when you experience. Have a nice day

Thanks, enjoy your day as well!

You are very lucky to live in a country that has very modern facilities in communicating. I never knew what ChatGPT was because it didn't exist in my country yet. Maybe I should wait a few more years. Have a nice day my friend, Eric..

Hello Eliana! As long as you have access to the internet you should be able access ChatGPT. Here's a link:

I hope you're having a wonderful week my friend!

Artificial intelligence is really gaining the world by storm in the technology world

Do you have a post link written with this ChatGPT?
I would like to see it

The links on how to do it are embedded in the blog post above.

I watched it... I meant link of a post created using it here in hive, you have any?

No, this blog post isn't about using ChatGPT on Hive. It's about replacing iPhone's Siri with ChatGPT.

I did understand the post Though... I was just asking you to know if you had.

Thanks a lot for your post

You're welcome!

I have an Iphone since version 8, but never been a icloud or Siri users, I run most of my services at home and really dont like uploading to third party, Chat GPT seems just like that another third party it could be better than Siri but where all that data going?? I do use it for searching things online, no days use it more than Google itself but the free version sometimes gets a bit slow, I know staying 100% private and using internet now days is hard but at least I try

Very good point. If privacy is your main concern then any of these tools probably aren't a good idea.

This explains why Siri is so behind Apple’s competitors —