Technology and Kitchen - The Invention of Robotic Kitchens

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Every day as technology advances, people live in the fear of technology replacing their jobs, people are scared of becoming absolutely jobless by the time technology totally replaces everything about our dear planet.
Although experts have given a reason why people should be calm, experts said robots will replace more of task than jobs, which means a lot of people may still have their jobs but have robots carrying out majority of the task.

While we are still discussing about how artificial intelligence has taken over the production and car industry, it might amaze you that our dear food industry is also not left out of the drastic change. Three decades ago, if someone had told a regular man that robots will be able to prepare his food, he may have bluntly denied but surprisingly we already have different establishments of robotic kitchens in different areas.

The Robotic Kitchens.

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Spyce Kitchen:

This robotic kitchen was founded by four young male robotic engineers who teamed up with a very good chef, the skill of the robotic engineers’ matches perfectly with that of the chef who handles the menu. This kitchen works by having workers prepare the food recipe’s at night and by the following morning when the kitchen is opened for business, people can select their orders through the screen and the food mixing or should I say robotic production machines quickly picks up the recipe and produces an attractive mouth-watering meal for the customers according to the request made. Although the food preparation is done by the robot, human effort is still required to garnish the food according to taste and make it look attractive to customers. There are different food types and the robot also sanitizes itself after each meal is prepared, with all of this robotic skill in use, one will think the food will be very expensive but it goes for as low as $7.50 per plate.

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Creator Kitchen:

It took the team eight years to completely finish the development of the robot used in the creator kitchen. This kitchen is designed to make simply burgers, the robots make the burgers from scratch even till the point of slicing the tomatoes and grinding the meat it does everything and it has the ability to make one hundred and twenty burgers in one hour. The production of a burger once a customer makes request takes only 30 seconds and they have also launched with a price of $6 per burger.

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Flippy robot:

This robot is already used in some kitchens because it has the great ability of monitoring burger while the burger is going through a production process, it could flip the burger and also set aside when ready, not only is it used for burger making, it can also be used for commercial frying in any kitchen and the most fascinating aspect of the robot lies in its ability to learn by itself.


How will the world look like presently without the tecnology presence

The fear in humans for all this kind of technology is something that cannot be left aside, and it is understandable, but I think it is very good that despite having a robotic kitchen humans are still part of the team, so they can be quiet and not lose their jobs. IT WOULD BE GREAT TO BE ABLE TO PRESENT THAT hehe