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With the development of the society and Civilization we're going back to primitive age again. Do you believe that? Someone may think that we are improving more and more day by day but if you closely look at our improvements then you can see something like our clothes is being short day by day which was the dresses of the primitive age people. But this is not the topic of my today's market Friday but I shall get back to you later on this post with this topic. I have bought an analogue phone which is not smartphone for my family (wife) couple of days back. I want to share this experience of that shopping in today’s #marketfriday challenge.


I have bought Nokia 3310 which is one of the best seller handsets of Nokia in the early stages of the handset revolution. I could see a lot of people using this phone for long just about 15 years back. So, I want to share today why I have bought this phone, what is the price and some background of buying this phone.

Why not smartphone

This is very technological era going on in this World. You can't stay a day without smartphone here in many places of Bangladesh. Most of the people who are using phone is smartphone but obviously there are some bad instances of smartphone we are experiencing now a days. We are being very much engaged with the smartphone that's why forget to spend time for our family members and passing time with friends as well. Our attraction and bondage with FNF are decreasing. Sometimes we are attached very much with the virtual world and virtual friends in social medias. In that way, our education, some book reading, passing time with family and doing work with concentration is reducing remarkably. That's why my family(wife) has chosen simple phone, not smartphone. That was my desire as well because I want that my family can spend more time with my daughter and family task rather scrolling down in social media and other apps.


Price is not matter

Anyone can think that the price of the smartphones is little bit higher than that of normal phones. To be very much Frank, price was not matter to me. If it would be beneficial for us then I could buy that phone. The prices of this phone are not very low it's about 55 USD. Within 100 USD a lot of Smartphones are available here in Bangladesh. Considering the future of my daughter, I have bought this phone. Not considering the price of the phone.

The future of the child is very much important than some Habit

Who don't like to spend time in virtual World? All of us are probably fond of this world. We Can't Stop ourselves scrolling down again and again. What is indicating that how much addicted we are! But the real truth is, for the better future of our child, we need to come back from this attitude and habit. If in the most of the time, we scroll down in mobile phone and spend time with the virtual friends then it will be a big problem for my daughter. By considering the future of our next generation, we need to get back to the primary age like attitude using simple phones for the emergency purpose only. We should more focus on books, not facebooks.


It's not bad at all although from the back dated model

From the user experience after using couple of weeks, she is satisfied. It's not bad at all compared with other smartphones. It's calling and talking capacity is very good level similar to the smartphones. It was bought for just calling function and in that case its superb acting. I can hear clear and crystal voice from the other end. You can see in the picture, it's looking so smart, cool and colourful as well although it's simple. The colour is pink which was chosen by my wife. I am happy to buy this phone for her as she was also interested to use keypad phones rather smartphones by considering the future of our child.


Final Words

In this example of my Market Friday you can easily find that we are not thinking for the future technology rather going back to the previous ages. In that case we are just shifting from smartphone to keypad phone and that's the reason I mentioned in the first paragraph that are we going back to the primitive age day by day. Hopefully, not in all cases but in some cases, we are going back to the primitive age and we are trying to copy their attitude like hunting for survival, getting back from the updated technology, wearing less cloth. They used to kill others for their survival. We are also thinking in that way in several places of the world. We don’t feel a little bit softness in your mind before killing any people from other countries and obviously that kind of attitude is very common in Ultra-modern technological society. We are making updated weapon to kill outside our border. Are they not human being? I don't know when we shall come back to the Humanity from this situation but I am very much happy to buy keypad phone for my family member.

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Thanks to #Market Friday by @dswigle to initiate such a good challenge. He anyone can participate by sharing any product or service shopping which costs money. That’s means you need to post your shopping experience where you spend money for product or shopping by mentioning #MarketFriday by @dswigle or post in the @marketfriday Community (#hive-196308). I love this challenge very much. Lets post our shopping experience with #marketfriday.

Who I am:

I am lecturer of Textile Engineering in Bangladesh and a newly married husband. I love to share my thoughts and ideas to my friends and community. I want to express whatever I have learn so far in YouTube, DTube etc. I explain Textile, Earning and Cryptocurrency related vlogs. I love to capture Natural Photography. I am always a learner and wants to make huge community here in Blockchain to reach to the moon with Blockchain.


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Very interesting ideas.
I applaud your initiative.
This caught my eye:

We should more focus on books, not facebooks.

How are you my friend? Nice to see you after a long time. Its my pleasure you read my post. Thanks.

I am fine, and I am happy to read of your marriage, your child and to see your success on Hive. I hope you are blessed with continued good favor.

I applaud you and your family! I am not anti-technology, just limited usage. I never let anyone sit at my dinner table with their phones. How rude!! They are lined up on the countertop until our time is done. I never have a phone in my face with people in the house. Family relations are too precious and should be regarded as such. People who sit on their phones with little kids in the shopping carts will someday wish they had paid attention to them. They have no idea how they are cheating them.

I can go on and on, but, thank you for addressing this. It bothers me so much and yet, nobody really listens. Excellent #MarketFriday! Thank you!Thank you for providing different elements to the cultural exchange we provide here. I can say that so many people are now enjoying not only the markets and places visited, but the different cultures than their own, showing off how we are so different, but, also, showing how many things we have in common. I appreciate the love and support you give to #MarketFriday! I feel like we are getting a core group that enjoys sharing their life and the different ways of life, which is great! I absolutely love it! It warms my heart to see that you chose to be a part of this challenge. It is people such as yourself that make is so successful! Thank you! Truly! Your participation adds a unique flavor to the mix. I just love clicking on the link and having a new world open up, right before my very eyes! Thank you again for being a part of all this! I hope you have a lovely weekend!

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!tip .20

Thanks for your appreciation. It's really difficult to get out of smartphone specially here in Bangladesh its a problem nowadays. That's why I am suggesting my wife to get out of smartphone as she is done doing anything online activities. You are really nice to understand the things and sharing your thoughts. I really love this market Friday contest.

Thank you so much! I live the participation!


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Baby r jnno new phone kinlen naki? Phone er color ta nice...

Hey. Apnader vabi r jonno. Abar keypad phone e fere jassi. Ami tu net e kaj kori, noyto amio fere jetam keypad phone e.
Amar baby r age 4.5 months. Ekhon thekei smartphone theke d

Button phone amaro valo lage but technology er era te asole aktu impossible, janen e to online kaj e button phone userfriendly na. Tobe amar akta button phone ase nokia r, majhe majhe charge dey...


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