Mathematical Problems Related to Fabric Crimp

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আজকের ভিডিওর আলোচ্য বিষয়সমূহঃ
তিনটি Fabric Crimp সংক্রান্ত গানিতিক সমস্যার সমাধান।

Problem 1: To produce 5000m of fabric with 3% warp crimp how many yards of yarn will be required?

Problem 2: Let you have 24”×20 cm dimension fabric sample. Calculate the warp crimp and weft crimp when length of yarn is 62 cm and 21.1 cm respectively

Problem 3: To produce 1500 yard of woven fabric having specification "114 × 90" /"20 × 18" "×" 56” and warp & weft crimp is 4% & 5% respectively, how many cones of weft yarn will you require if weight of each cone is 1.5 lb.

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You have solved the mathematical problems very well. Although these are beyond my comprehension. I mean, I don't understand that much. But you must be the best teacher to your students. Your students really benefit from having a teacher like you.

I am trying to explain all those things which are related to basics of textiles so that those who are interested to learn something new they can be benefited from my teaching or video tutorial. Your comment is well appreciated

Vhaiya akta mojar ktha boli, student ra ghumacchilo naki? Akta o answer deyna, dileo khub slowly ashte ashte ans dey... Khub sundor vabe each and every problem solve korlen. Ami sotti jantam na texile engineering e math ase, ki boka ami :P

Onek calculation ase.
Ami oder kotha edit er somoy onekta kete dei. Ekhon max student zoom on kore ghumate chai. Jatiyo somossa