Who Knows About Futurelearn Scholarship?

in #education4 months ago

I signed up for some courses with them during the global lockdown or about then.

I got an email about a scholarship worth about 5k pounds open for grabs.


Have you or anyone you know benefited from such nice offer? I want to give it a shot and I'm quite hopeful it will work.

Some of the things listed among the email are:

Change the world – and your future – with transformative learning, funding, and mentorship.

We’re delighted to announce the first FutureLearn Scholarship: a unique opportunity to get a world-class education on your own terms.

The Scholarship gives you exclusive access to £4,000 worth of free learning, as well as £1,000 to help you with anything from equipment to your dream study space, and 8 hours of world-class mentorship and coaching from leading industry experts.

All you have to do to apply is tell us what subject inspires you – and how you’re going to use it to change the world.

Your application will be judged by a panel of inspiring experts working across climate change, tech, mental health, and teaching. Our experts want to hear from the most bold and brilliant innovators in these cutting-edge areas, to learn why the world needs them to make a difference.

Do you have the passion to help build a better tomorrow?

Applications close 30 November 2021. Step up and apply to the FutureLearn Scholarship today!